GSM Technology

If we start counting the number of people who have cellular we not never end, it is estimated that about 3,800 billion people on the planet have mobile of which 3.4 billion of them have equipment with GSM (Global System for mobile communications) technology, which indicates that it is the most widely used mobile technology.In our country the situation is different, since the CDMA network continues being the greater penetration, while the GSM has only 41%. In countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Peru networks account for more than 70% of the market. In Venezuela, GSM technology gave its beginnings not long ago with the arrival of DIGITEL, whose user base is 100% GSM, should be noted that you only last year, Movistar started to migrate to that network, but remains even more CDMA. The same is happening with MOVILNET, who is also implemented this technology to their computers.It is important to emphasize that we as consumers are not those who choose the technology, are the operators who do it. Equipment suppliers manufacture technologies, then boosting them and promoting them, and who end up buying teams are consumers. Consumers sometimes not the network which operates your computer, interested because the va by practicality, model of cell phone, costs, etc. In Latin America there must be according to figures from the company 3 G Americas, two million users of GSM technology. This technology outperforms the others for several reasons to know, one of the most important is that they are more economical networks to install, and also offer much faster Internet connection speeds.

For example with teams iPhone or Blackberry, you can navigate at speeds of more than 1 MB per second, that is no longer a laptop necessary to view information or answer emails.For the moments in our country there no 3 G network, i.e. are third generation networks that allow many advantages, such as uploading photos, download music and share online at high speed without having to be tied to a PC. The incorporation of this technology in our country has been slightly slowed down by high costs of handsets that use 3 G, but it is believed will only be a matter of time, since as people consume more costs will drop, since these networks to become a consumer need cheaper terminals, and insurance is what is to come. M.S. Felix Gonzalez j.

Technology And Competitiveness

Success is often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable. Gabrielle Coco Chanel economic openings have emerged on the basis of the need to give way to the marketing, product exchange that benefits to the countries involved. Of course, to achieve this, they have developed technology that has generated products, services that foster a dynamic competitiveness and that favors those who have prepared for them, especially companies that have been identified with the emergence and use of the opportunities arising from these new openings. In this time, showing economic scenarios in which competitiveness is a determining factor, technology and competitiveness here play a significant role, aspect that cannot be ignored by management, or scholars of administrative science, this invites the analysis in this opportunity. It is known that the more predictable form of growth emanates from the recovery of competitiveness in companies well established and mature.

Since then, fostered through most deeply rooted means growth is progressively less predictable. The more aggressive growth strategy are precisely the less predictable. As Mack Hanan pointed out, this represents a message to companies that want to grow, and that is the need to manage a broad spectrum of growth strategies, from the most conservative to the most adventurous. But if they want to get a safe growth, fast and efficient in terms of costs, the better it is recover the competitiveness of companies that are experiencing a period of maturity, I dare I add also that it is also crucial to revise its current technology before the effects of the exogenous variables and above all, an inflationary economy. Companies faced with a reality of a changing economy and a great competition between national and international markets, in order to meet its objectives, agree experts have been strengthened with the following skills: (a) access to emerging technologies for development that can serve as the basis for capacity in relation to new highly profitable companies.

Biotechnology Of Excellence

It is possible that excellence is by far the most desired faculty within a modern society built by hits (visits by profile). Biotechnology allows us Furthermore – utopia of a future generation of women and men excellent, genetically manufactured as high quality tomatoes are currently manufactured. At least, judging by the desire that pours in spades through advertising, which in a convulsive way continues using the excellent woman for their purposes, it seems this the inevitable fate of femininity (a future similar to that described by Boris Vian in that ugly will die). Excellence, understood as form defined and closed that has come from a program (such as level of education) adopts a round beauty without vertices and exhaust doors, just as if the result thus achieved had a design process premeditated, reaches you effortlessly and which is obtained not by its own merits (from achieving success through the workfor example) but on given attributes. If the excellent is what has already achieved excellence, on the other hand, this then passes from being a capacity to be a quality, a reachable State from the confection of circumstances, personalities and even genes.

If the excellent is that which does not support faults, an excellent woman can not make mistakes, is more: it is not possible to commit them, because if it did it would not be aware of them (and technically would not commit them). Nor your health may be diminished in any way. Through biotechnology, excellent woman prototypes have to be manufactured to not suffer none of the worst diseases. At most, you will have a runny nose. But what happens then with contamination, contagion and all those factors negatively influencing excellence? The world in which we live is full of imperfections, flaws and unforgivable errors.

It is full of virus. If virtually an excellent woman is easily insensitive, a woman is real excellent even more. You would have to live in a bubble for not catching the flu or any other flu, because we must not forget it, higher quality biological (proteinicamente speaking) produces greater vulnerability biosystematics. The future of the excellent woman, if you produce a biotechnological landing (which surprised anyone that Monsanto remove the market excellent although sterile genomes) – is a fraught with future of fears, fears losing excellence, precisely because revealed he gets his great inherent weakness, a weakness that does not consider the paradigm shift that has been inadvertently, to mutate the word excellence for excellent. Synonymy with wonderful, extraordinary, sublime, beautiful, wonderful, Super future excellent women create a State of impossible and easily insensitive perfection, not only through the corrupt but especially through simple contagion contagion, simple contagion of everything being close is not or can be any excellent way. To not be like sirens, to become a woman excellent, is not more than a fiction that the legs have been amputated.