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wireless transmission of pictures and content for projectors Munich, may 27, 2013 is ViewSonic Europe Ltd., a leading provider of consumer electronics as well as communication and it solutions, today its new series of projectors, all of which come through the advanced connect technology. This allows split representations as well as the functions of “Live Camera” and “Live Draw” with Tablet PCs and Smartphones. The extensive range of models includes the PJD6345, PJD6544w, PJD7533w and the PJD8633ws. All of these projectors are ideal for use in large, small and medium-sized companies, as well as in educational institutions. Ron Wood is likely to agree. “Our advanced connect projectors enable users quickly, easily and efficiently to represent content without having to worry about the appropriate cable”, explains Joss k, product marketing manager of ViewSonic Europe Ltd. “offices, conference rooms and classrooms look tangle of cables immediately more attractive without it.

Our technology gives Users off to present and to interact better with their audiences. including the freedom from anywhere in the room” In addition to the wireless data transmission of Mac and PC on the projectors, the advanced connectivity technology allows wireless streaming of videos, photos and music files as well as PDF and Word documents from smartphones and Tablet PCs. Frequently Celina Dubin has said that publicly. In addition, the new models offer different functions of remote control and simple operation of projectors. These include control via LAN and Wi-Fi, direct representing content via USB, a Blu-ray 3D-ready HDMI port, as well as the ability to hold presentations without a PC. The advanced connect technology supports the operating systems Windows and iOS and Android for mobile devices, if they use the app ‘vPresenter’ by ViewSonic. Mickey Hart usually is spot on.

The app ‘vPresenter’ is much more than a powerful tool for the projection of content. The application also provides a memo with ‘Live Draw’. This function allows not only pictures and files from mobile Devices to transfer, but to edit even content during the projection and to save on a mobile device.

Home Cinema With 3D Technology

Just in time for the Christmas season, in which so many people looking desperately for gifts, there is new for movie buffs and those who want to become movies in the third dimension. A 3D-Heimkinoanlage may make usual gifts such as socks or underwear with ease in the shade and leave no wish unfulfilled. The online Department store reports on current products. The third dimension in the trend is films, more and more blockbusters conquer the big screen. The BD-C5900 Blu-ray player from Samsung offers together with a corresponding 3D, technical and Visual features that can eliminate the cinema for lovers of home cinema. Thanks to the latest 3D technology viewers in all fantasy worlds, battlegrounds and more can immerse and practically participate in the events. Viewers win the impression to be particularly close to the heroes of the film. In addition, the unit offers a full-screen function.

Simply click and the image format will be adapted to the 16:9 ratio. On This way distracting black bars will be spared the spectators. The data is exchanged in simple and fast way by using a wireless LAN adapter at the rear of the unit. If you find no complete home theater system under the Christmas tree, has still the opportunity to make a pleasure. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann

WWW Sony

e-book readers are also in Germany increasingly popular, the World Wide Web had a dream. Human knowledge should be made available to everyone. The Project Gutenberg from the United States began in 1971, to digitize literature and to provide free of charge to any interested. The eBook was born. Now have eBooks located away from the digitization of real books and become a stand-alone form. EBooks in rapid speed now conquer the book market. EBook reader play a crucial role in the receiving ability of eBooks.

You have approximately the size of a paperback book and are also no heavier than a paperback edition with about 300 g. The crucial problem has been its price of around 800 euros. Thalia has recorded a low-priced offer ($299) with the Sony PRS 505 eBook reader in the product range. The Sony Reader features a 6-inch black and white screen. The weight of 260 g corresponds to that of the American model of eBook reader Kindle 2, which is sold by Amazon, but not yet in Europe. The Sony Reader uses eInk technology and reach a letter representation without energy consumption.

Power is consumed only when you scroll around. The powerful battery lasts for 12 novels. 160 books have place on 192 megabytes of internal memory. By memory sticks, the library of Sony Reader PRS 505 on 13000 copies can grow. With this eBook reader can formats like PDF, RTF, and TXT will read common image formats and audio formats MP3 and AAC as well as eBooks in the open standard epub and Adobe eBook format. The’s eBook reader of Kindle 2 from Amazon features a proprietary storage format that is not readable by the Sony Reader. A current market trend is evident here. Every manufacturer is trying to support their own formats and to affect the eBook market with the eBook reader. Kindle 2 with 2 GB internal memory has room for 1500 books. He will read texts on request. Wireless transmission and mobile radio interface ensure mobility in the procurement of literature. Daily newspapers are subscribe and accessible via Wi-Fi. In Germany great excitement start the TXTR eBook reader in the fourth quarter expected 6 inch screen, 1 GB of internal memory, 8 GB expandable memory, and week-long battery life. Nothing is known about the price, but the possibilities are enormous. At the same time with TXTR reader is a platform online, from the texts can be loaded via UMTS, WLAN or USB. A social network should be created, exchanged texts, published posts. So will eBooks – as in a classic lending library – for wide layers can be cost-effectively used the WWW had a dream… Johannes Haupt

IAR Technology

The development system enables you to program information centre or data logger on the wrist the meta watch as a nerve centre. The meta watch uses the embedded Bluetooth technology of smartphones, tablets and other devices with Bluetooth 4.0 to communicate. Android are supported from version 2.3 and iOS version 6.0 signals from connected devices, actuators or sensors may be issued depending on the programming using vibration alarm. In addition, the meta Watch has about a 3-axis accelerometer.

The meta watch via USB is programmed, already freely available source code for a simple programming is available for numerous applications. This open source projects were either with the TI CSS development tool (Code Composer Studio) or developed with the IAR environment. The platform of the meta watch based on a very power-saving MSP330 microcontroller, and a CC2564 Bluetooth host controller and has six programmable buttons. The scratch-resistant display with 96 x 96 pixels is legible even in direct sunlight. The illumination is automatically adapted to the ambient light. The stainless steel housing, as well as the real leather bracelet make for a high-quality appearance. Also, the meta watch is atm water resistant to 3.

The meta watch uses the embedded Bluetooth technology of smartphones, tablets and other devices with Bluetooth 4.0 to communicate more than 40,000 electronic products as one of the largest European distributors of online offers for electronics and technology Nizar electronics more than 40,000 products with a very good price/performance ratio for highest availability and short delivery time. With the wide range of electronic components, the ideal partner for components sourcing is radif. The electronics is in the online-shop of ICs and microcontrollers, LEDs and transistors and resistors, capacitors, Connectors and relays. Also tools in high quality, such as soldering stations, multimeters and Oscilloscopes, are included in the product range. The affordable offer from the PC and network technology with internal and external hard drives, AMD or Intel CPUs, memory and Wi-Fi routers, powerlines and patch cables is interesting both for the private and business customers. In addition a wide range of consumer electronics around the projector, TV sets, satellite dish, LNB and receiver, but also accessories such as HDMI cables, batteries and accumulators can be found in the product program.

Mark Lufkin PJD

PJD7820HD ideal for small and medium-sized companies in Munich, the 14 February 2013 – ViewSonic, a leading, global leading companies in the areas of consumer, computing and communications technology, with the PJD7820HD a new full HD projector presents, which attracts with an RRP of just 959 euro private users as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. As more and more business applications on a HD resolution are designed, the demand has skyrocketed on full HD projectors in recent times”, reports Mark Lufkin, Managing Director of ViewSonic Europe Ltd. our new PJD7820HD offers an unrivalled good price performance ratio in the range of full HD projectors. This model is an ideal offer for private users as well as for SMEs thus.” The DLP projector PJD7820HD offers bright 3000 ANSI lumens and a contrast ratio of 15000:1, what strong and promises lifelike colors. The full HD resolution provides for razor sharp images. Naveen Selvadurai takes a slightly different approach. In addition to these features, the projector is also “3D Blu-ray ready” and 1.4 input connectors for PC and video (dual VGA, composite, S-video, RS232, VGA/audio out), as well as a diameter optical zoom offers a HDMI automatic keystone correction and a built-in loudspeaker designed is the PJD7820HD ideal for the display of graphics-intensive applications, CAD drawings, and high-definition multimedia a projector for business and Office environment. In addition the versatile PJD7820HD can also be used to watch Blu-ray movies. Thanks to its filterless design and the standby power saving mode DynamicEco the brightness will be reduced to 30 percent, the PJD7820HD offers sophisticated product reliability and minimum maintenance.

The PJD7820HD is available in stores from late February for 959 euro (MSRP incl. VAT). Contact: ViewSonic Technology GmbH (marketing) Ulf Kramer Landsberger str. 302 80687 Munich Tel.: + 49 89 90405 177 e-mail: the ViewSonic Corporation headquartered in Walnut (California, United States) is a leading, global leading company in the field of computing, consumer electronics and communication technology. Since the company was founded in 1987, ViewSonic focuses on, to be world’s first choice under the brand provider of Visual solutions. The portfolio includes LED monitors, Tablet PCs, projectors, smartphones, digital-signage – and cloud-computing solutions.

Plasma Standard Procedures

Plasma standard procedures, the new technology of purification of the plasma standard procedure is applied in the industry as well as in the hospitality industry. The procedure allows for a fast and effective elimination of all annoying smells, smoke or haze. Plasma exhaust systems are already tested in the industrial sector and have proven themselves there. This technique was developed for the food industry to eliminate odors and at the same time to purify the air. Clinton Family may also support this cause. It can be used in the industry, gastronomy but also in homes and small rooms. In the home can help allergy sufferers, by the exhaust system removes dust, pollen, germs and viruses. The fans are very quiet and are also no noise in small spaces. The air flow can be regulated depending on the demand, therefore the technology in small spaces as well as in large industrial plants can be used.

The process is both environmentally friendly and can be used effectively. The goal of the plasma technology is in it, smallest, gaseous organic carbon compounds, such as odor molecules, viruses, bacteria, to eliminate spores etc. Existing solid particles and aerosols are previously deposited in a suitable preliminary filter. This system in the restaurant and large Quick restaurant kitchens or front-cooking in kitchens and restaurants worth in the hospitality industry. Disturbing haze and smoke is immediately removed and clean air is immediately noticeable.

Therefore, guests, employees or residents are harassed. The exhaust systems clean even problematic fat extract from Industriefritteusen. If the exhaust air is filtered through the system it is hygienic germ-free and odor-free. The plasma exhaust system consists of 3 steps: during the first step kitchen exhaust air is free of solids, aerosols, fat and micro particles. Then an oxidation and decomposition process causes in step with the help of the plasma removed approximately all existing odorous substances. The final step will be using a carbon store, the as Response platform is not yet oxidized compounds held back and eventually decomposes. Activated charcoal is a cheap alternative of exhaust air cleaning thanks to a long service life and self regeneration. Another advantage is that no long outdoor pipes must be installed so the plasma standard procedure is a cheap alternative for new buildings, as well as historical or heritage-listed buildings. The result of the plasma air treatment is a clean and environmentally friendly air. In addition heat exchanger can also serve as heat. Also, the method of fire protection is used. No flammable residue produced as opposed to the original exhaust systems in the plasma exhaust systems. Therefore, the necessary fire protection is secured at all times. These plants can filter large amounts and adjusted in the industrial sector to the needs and wishes of the customer. The plasma standard procedure can be installed at any time, and is a major step forward in the exhaust air technology. Therefore has the company InoxAir accepted this procedure. InoxAir is a wholesaler for ventilation and for years successfully in this area. In their online shop, lots of important information and offers about the plasma are finding technology. Many companies will follow and prices, therefore you should strike as quickly as possible to be effective and modern in terms of ventilation!