Sensible Management

There are no guarantees, the story betrays, a wise management of the national State. It is money from the people that once more it is expropriated in the eyes of the world. What really impresses us, is with lightness, making serious decisions, disguised as a legality. This is not new, or even proprietary of political party. The journalist Jorge Lanata, published a book which collects information from various sources.

With the title of Argentines. In the, transcribes chronologically from Pedro de Mendoza to De la Rua, the successive political and economic crises that, somehow, ended up forming the Argentina of today. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts addresses the importance of the matter here. Acts of corruption, are a dangerous constant that overwhelmingly remained unpunished. Created for these purposes, legal arsenal was formed by: pardons, decrees of necessity and urgency, laws such as the inviolability of bank deposits, which were repealed. At the communal level, ordinances of exception is the tool that is used to promote particular interests, etc, etc, etc. Not to mention for now, to some judicial verdicts that They avergonzarian even the most shameless.

Evident that in a country where the laws, decrees and Ordinances may be raped with other legal gadgets created which is defined as legal insecurity here, a picture of situation confirms once more that behind every circumstance, there are one or more reasons that justify it or explain. Those who have had the good fortune to travel the vast Argentine territory, have been dazzled by the geographical richness and the latent potential that any Government, to date, to known or could become lasting wealth over time. Sander Gerber insists that this is the case. Will be grounds for another scan, shred the problematic in items will have to go through them one by one to be able to clearly view the nature of the problem. Without this task, there is no valid recipe that manages to make reality, what millions of Argentines, who inhabit their territory or were in need of emigrating, deserve and expect. Marcelo Keselman comentonoticias.blogstop.

Messenger Photos

They do not represent anything in our lives but instead have access to our most intimate photos, our thoughts, our dialogue to our entire environment. Curious is the world of social networks, in times where people enclose craving your world, your life, where we let others know that we make, which we think, in times where our social circles are narrower, in these times we do not have any problem opening to the world our internal, to publicize everything what we keep hidden to our closest environment to hundreds of people with whom you have lived one minimum part of our life or even not know. If before us scared the Messenger which happen now with these social networks, when you see your son open his account (that in theory you can not by age but everything today is falsified) and engrossed you see that has 300 friends! When you jurarias being School-House, house training, do 300 people intersect in their daily journey?, 300 young people showing none shamelessly and with absolute normality its photos, hundreds of photos without any filter where show life that some parents don’t know that some parents do not know but that if they know hundreds of people outside us we cannot ignore things that happen around us and not think that everything is negative, but personally and as a Communicator and passionate of the physical presence of a good talka meeting of friends I can not think that our behaviors are increasingly incoherent, us disagree continually and that will guide us increasingly towards a more predictable and systematic life where the surprise is blurred by the simple reality. uld likely agree. After reading what I have written must say dear friend that you don’t facebook that does not miss much, surely you enjoy more with live talks and the presence of other people than through a keyboard and that those photos on paper that you only teach them that you choose are the true emotion of the captured moment. And finally remember the great singer Roberto Carlos and tell you that if in these times I would like to have a million friends. You should open an account on facebook. Original author and source of the article

GSM Technology

If we start counting the number of people who have cellular we not never end, it is estimated that about 3,800 billion people on the planet have mobile of which 3.4 billion of them have equipment with GSM (Global System for mobile communications) technology, which indicates that it is the most widely used mobile technology.In our country the situation is different, since the CDMA network continues being the greater penetration, while the GSM has only 41%. In countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Peru networks account for more than 70% of the market. In Venezuela, GSM technology gave its beginnings not long ago with the arrival of DIGITEL, whose user base is 100% GSM, should be noted that you only last year, Movistar started to migrate to that network, but remains even more CDMA. The same is happening with MOVILNET, who is also implemented this technology to their computers.It is important to emphasize that we as consumers are not those who choose the technology, are the operators who do it. Equipment suppliers manufacture technologies, then boosting them and promoting them, and who end up buying teams are consumers. Consumers sometimes not the network which operates your computer, interested because the va by practicality, model of cell phone, costs, etc. In Latin America there must be according to figures from the company 3 G Americas, two million users of GSM technology. This technology outperforms the others for several reasons to know, one of the most important is that they are more economical networks to install, and also offer much faster Internet connection speeds.

For example with teams iPhone or Blackberry, you can navigate at speeds of more than 1 MB per second, that is no longer a laptop necessary to view information or answer emails.For the moments in our country there no 3 G network, i.e. are third generation networks that allow many advantages, such as uploading photos, download music and share online at high speed without having to be tied to a PC. The incorporation of this technology in our country has been slightly slowed down by high costs of handsets that use 3 G, but it is believed will only be a matter of time, since as people consume more costs will drop, since these networks to become a consumer need cheaper terminals, and insurance is what is to come. M.S. Felix Gonzalez j.

Missiology 06

Continuation of the transcript of the recording recording of the class: you can see as the Church has lost a lot of credibility, even the institutions that had greater credibility, was the Church in the Peru, since many missionaries who worked in the outskirts of Lima, were passionate about by Jesus Christ, and that this would have allowed, that the Church has had a lot of credibility. They have now returned to their dioceses. I don’t know if many of us are doing things right. On the other hand has witnessed a church institution, and not a church of communion and the Church ends up falling into crisis. So it does not attract.

The truth is that we must then retrieve this Trinitarian dimension, not only for the mission, but even that is the foundation of the entire Church. The fathers of the Church, speak of the Church as an icon of the Trinity. There is a very interesting book of Bruno forte: the Church icon of the this Trinidad relationship between Church and Trinity. It is then that this topic for us, should be the Center our reflection, and the center of all our spirituality. Because this is our life in any case, we not only develop promotion human, this is important; Moreover is very attached to evangelization, this is the important thing. Within this that is important to announce to the world the Salvation he Jesucristo has done, in a unique and universal.

There are urgent problems, such as unemployment, lack of work, the frustration of many young people who can not study, many men who have no work, families in situations of social injustices, frustrations. We find urgent problems, and this must be evangelizing of course. But the most important thing is that we have to achieve that these men accept Jesucristo Salvador.

Work On The Internet

I have been working on the internet from home now since 2001, when I quit my job highly paying change country and live with the girl of my dreams. At the beginning I didn’t know really what was what had to be done and actually began as a hobby. And when the director slaes for a sale of hotel reservations web site called me in January 2002 and requested me to put ad ads on my web site in exchange for pay me a small Commission on sales of visitors that I mentioned I thought not much in it. However, when I phoned the following month and told me that I had done 4 sales I was delighted! Moreover, at that moment I knew that it would be able to earn a living working online at home. In those days, getting a web site to rank well in Google was relatively easy sites, there is much less to compete against.

However, these days that definitely has to follow a system to be able to identify markets where you can get traffic. The system is relatively simple and is as follows: 1. think of some interesting markets don’t begin by creating a web site. 2 Discover which keywords people in those markets are using to search for on Google. 3 Measure the number of web pages that compete for each keyword 4. Judging the strength of competition 5.

Create a web site with optimized content keyword 6. Get links to your web site from other web sites 7. Measure your ranking in Google and the amount of traffic there is, the entire process in just 7 steps. To spend a bit of time and effort that will be able to identify some markets with relatively low competition, create a web site and start getting traffic.

Good Events

Well good events which, however, have its counterpart, very, very bad. For example, is good, very good, that the coverage of the health care system has increased and in some municipalities having either high rates. But it is bad, very bad that there is even a Colombian citizen who does not have who will give you medical care when it is affected by a bad of health. It is good, very good that kidnapping figures have decreased, but it is bad, very bad there are still thousands of kidnapped people, among them some of whom nobody remembers because they are not exchangeable military on an eventual humanitarian agreement and are abducted not only by the insensitivity of his captors but ignominious oblivion force and the dark shadow of anonymity. And very. But too bad that also has a single, albeit a single victim of the most unfortunate of all elements of the armed conflict.

Good, very good, that fall, although no one creates it or feel it, unemployment rates. Bad, very bad, there are still millions of countrymen for whom poverty is the only real alternative and begging is the only way to survive. Good, very good that it has increased coverage in public education and more children to attend classes. But bad, very bad that continued overcrowding, scarcity of media and teaching resources and quality questioned by the results. Well, very good that a greater number of people have cell phones and Internet access.

Bad, very bad, on the other hand, family communication follow deteriorated. The parents little talk with their children and a greater number of households see their stability threatened by lack of a little, albeit a little time dedicated to communication. Good, very good technology is in the hands of one increasingly larger number of people. Bad, very bad, however, that youth and a good part of the population, have turned their backs on the book, the best invention of all time. Good, very good, allow women to make autonomous and wise decisions about her own body. Bad, very bad that such decisions be contrary to life in the case of the existence a small body whose heart beats in the womb. BY: ALEJANDRO TERESA MART?NEZ Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a writer and journalist italo-colombiano who also teaches in several universities. He is the author of four books on ethics and leadership and is contained in three anthologies of Colombian authors. Contact to the cel. 300 8055526 or email. Please read their writings in MAICAO to D?A page in which you will find writings, chronicles and beautiful parts of the Colombian literature.

Digital Road Online

Digital Road, e-commerce technology provider, today launched InternetADN, a marketing consulting online specializing in products and services tailored to SMEs throughout Spain. Barcelona, 22/03/2011 Digital Road, e-commerce technology provider, today launched InternetADN, a marketing consulting online specializing in products and services tailored for small and medium-sized enterprise in Spanish. Currently there are many consultancies that already exist and offer exactly the same services to all users. Internet DNA are trying to adapt their products to the needs of small and medium-sized companies throughout Spain, with the aim of providing a specialized service adapted to all types of businesses and sectors that need a presence online. The company and business idea has been developed by a group of young people from an average age of 23 years. We can define his ideology of business as an attempt to help all those companies in their management online and try to open camino and understand the Internet world.

Your main objective is to create a much more transparent sector as managers and consultants online, and providing good prices for services offered. They already primal them positive experiences with customers can be rated on its web page. The firm has also, as objectives in the short and medium term, submitted a draft to extend its business outside the Spanish borders and internationalizing business. The website is already conditioned in three different languages, and are services from all kinds of techniques of graphic design, online marketing, services of hosting, mailing, and consulting website, from search engine optimization, creation and design of online spaces for all kinds of companies and e-commerce.