Street Gallery Samsung

2-3 drops of fragrance and gift recipient will feel a wonderful floral aroma. You can add flavor to ink pens, to release limited edition perfume gift for your company. Sometimes liquid flavors are used for packing bedding, clothing, but we recommend for these purposes to apply a second group of technologies. Solid gels, aroma beads, aromatherapy sachets. Perhaps the most glaring example – branded perfume, Samsung specifically designed for global manufacturers, giant.

You can feel this aroma, visiting Moscow on Street Gallery Samsung, and can extract a new washing machine Silver Nano, which is embedded scented sachets. Jewelry companies certainly be interested in aromatization boxes for jewelery. Imagine a buyer opens a gift and immediately feels a pleasant aroma, which matched by sex and age of the buyer. Our partners in the city of Ivanovo now leads several projects on flavor packs with linen, and Novosibirsk, Russia plans to invest flavored in boxes with shoes. Aroma-Capsules and Gels printing.

Scents can be applied by offset, silkscreen, tampons way. Technology "rub-sniff", "tear-sniff" you've probably seen in magazines, advertising perfume. Range of flavors is very wide. For example, color "Nixdorf Center" – white and cool blue, and menthol scented card, and promotional postcard with a picture cappuccino smells like cinnamon. Congratulations on March 8 contains notes of lavender. Postcards, flyers, calendars, pens, flexible magnets, coasters for cups, mugs and themselves Is not an exhaustive list of objects flavoring. Avtoaromatizatory. Cardboard or gel avtoaromatizatory all shapes and colors with your slogans and logos.

Internet Digital

Digital publications reached a turnover of 896 million euros in 2009. Provides a strong impetus in the market of online publications. New devices such as tablets or smartphones, along with the advancement of mobile broadband, portend a strong growth of reading online or digital that will progressively replacing traditional media. Advertising online ad spend to digital format transformation is evident. Online ad spend increased 7.2% with 654 million euros in 2009, while the conventional advertising suffered a decline of 15%. Insertions of search engines are positioned as the advertising format online with greater impact on the sector and the mobile advertising model is configured as a real alternative thanks to the development of new applications for next-generation terminals. Also is studying the evolution of the blogosphere in Spain. More than 2 million Spaniards have an own blog, 2.8 million written usually in other blogs and read them more than 7 million.

These figures confirm the importance that is becoming the blog as an alternative means of dissemination and the necessity of having the account its impact on traditional media. Consumption of digital content in all the sectors analysed is seen as continuing the revolution in the way of consuming content. The transition to digital is already an undeniable reality which is confirmed in all subsectors of industry content and audiovisual services. Music is the most widespread digital content in Spain, with 84,8% of the population consuming music in digital format and a 41.6% via the Internet. Nearly 50% of the readers of the press make it online. The digital book presents a penetration rate still very low but with high expectations for growth in the short term.

Avanza2 plan this meeting point of reference for the digital world is produced with view to the implementation of the Plan Avanza 2, approved for 2011-2015. This initiative combines the momentum of digital public services with the impulse of the Spanish industry related to the production, management and distribution of digital contents that foster the use of ICT and accelerate the development of the knowledge society. Through the Avanza2 Plan, Spain seeks to centralize the economic model in leadership in research and communication technologies supporting the creation and development of innovative digital content and quality. The Plan will focus on the impulse of the sector of digital content, as a sector of the future for the Spanish economy. According to analysts of the sector, ICT will be converted in 2025 in the second sector more added value will bring to the economy of our country, with digital content as one of the fastest growing activities.