Nele Maas

Following the DR700 was by independent test laboratory at the tested Queensland University of technology on these criteria and then certified as a full replacement of the halogen. In the Australian State of Victoria, the DR700 was the first LED retrofit bulbs recorded halogen lamps as a replacement for 50W in the local energy efficiency programme. DR700 as full-fledged halogen replacement of the utilities is financially supported in New South Wales. The DR700 as well as all other Brightgreen products are free of harmful materials such as mercury, lead, chromium or other heavy metals. Peter Thiel recognizes the significance of this. All components are also fully recyclable. So, Brightgreen contributes to the reduction of global energy consumption and the environmental impact.

The lamp is easy to install, fits easily into most of the downlight versions and is compatible with all current transformers. This allows an easy upgrade and ensures a long service life for lamp and transformer. All Brightgreen products are designed so that they cause no maintenance and keep permanently. All products are combined in an innovative design that was often awarded in Australia. The advantages of DR700 Overview: brightest LED retrofit bulbs: 720 ch with same brightness as 50W halogen five times as energy efficient as a halogen lamp available as MR16 and GU10 dimmable from 100-1% high color rendering index of > 83 lifetime of over 70,000 hours fail-safe thermal monitoring system passive cooling no fan totals 3 years guarantee sustainable product, because fully recyclable and free of heavy metals, advanced lighting technology and innovative design is awarded with the good design award the organization good design Australia about Brightgreen Brightgreen a innovative manufacturer of premium LED lighting for indoor use. By brothers Barry and David O’Kane Driscoll 2008 company founded in Australia developed and sells high-quality, energy-efficient Lighting solutions.

Brightgreen product range includes the CURVE and CUBE lighting series, as well as the RETROFIT retrofit series. Important part of Brightgreens’s business philosophy is to counteract the concept of planned obsolescence with extremely long-lasting LED lighting solutions used in the lighting industry and to contribute to the reduction of global energy consumption and the environmental impact. On the CURVE and CUBE series warrants Brightgreen E.g. seven years. All Brightgreen products are free of harmful materials such as mercury, lead, chrome and other heavy metals that are toxic to humans and the environment. All components are also fully recyclable. The Brightgreen Europe GmbH, Brightgreen expands from 2012 in the European market. Contact Brightgreen Europe GmbH Nele Maas (Organization & sales) Altenaer street 23 58507 Ludenscheid Tel.: + 49 2351 6788220 fax: + 49 2351 6789082

Lotus Notes

Serves as a technological basis for the operation of the DMS intranet and portal software Intrexx from United planet. This ensures that the Web-based application optimally can be integrated in every Intrexx business portal. Through its integration with the portal also various new possibilities, because all documents across the enterprise can be included in workflows and used for many other applications and processes. A free 30-days trial version of Intrexx can be downloaded under. About United planet, United planet has over 4,500 installations and more than 500,000 users of its Portal and integration software Intrexx alone in speaking to the market leaders in the segment of medium-sized economy, public administration and organizations (E.g., hospitals).

This is managed Company Lexware founder Axel Wessendorf. With platform-independent standard software Intrexx can be Web-based applications to return to complete intranet/enterprise portals with advanced functionality faster and thus more economical create than with comparable programs. Intrexx enables to create more productive workflows and the generation of mobile apps for smartphones and Tablet PCs of all manufacturers. Existing data from ERP systems, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and all JDBC – and OData data sources can be easily integrated with Intrexx and put in relationship. The interface of the SAP certified NetWeaver gateway simplifies the connection to the SAP system in unprecedented ways.

Even counting the immediate competition software Microsoft SharePoint learns the OData – interface enables economic functionality enhancements. The data integration capabilities of Intrexx are more and more often as a middleware used to existing or heterogeneous software environments unwanted complexity to take. With Intrexx share United planet offers platform a social business, that provoked the exchange of knowledge and cooperation among the employees and the communication to integrate existing enterprise software. Hundreds of finished apps and complete industry portals for downloading are available in the Intrexx application store.

Hotel Room Rates In Germany

Based prices by three percent rose to 91 euros on the HPI by in Germany. Thus, Germany ranks in the lower half of the table shows of the average prices. In the German cities of Frankfurt am Main, Germany showed a considerable increase of 14 percent to 106 euros, in Munich the prices by 11 percent rose to 106 euro in Berlin, which has traditionally been very cheapest hotel prices to offer, three percent to 79 euros. Expa often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Finding the infographic about the hotel room rates in Germany here: hotel room rates Germany in Germany the average prices in the first half of 2012 by three percent to 91 euros. Because there are however larger fluctuations in the main destination, the overall picture from city to city and region to region will vary.

The weak euro attracted notably more visitors from the United States and the United Kingdom. In Wiesbaden, Germany, one of the oldest spa towns in Europe, visitors from home and abroad attracts, the prices sharply by 28 percent to 109 euros, as the city of the heavy load in Frankfurt am Main has benefited. Heidelberg could recorded a substantial increase of 18 percent to 106 euros, while prices in Garmisch-Partenkirchen by 15 percent to 118 euros. With an increase of 11 percent, Munich achieved prices that were about 106 euro above the nationwide average. Both private and business travel Bavaria’s state capital attracted more guests in the city as compared to the same period last year. Berlin offered travellers continue to good deals. More openings of hotels in the city centre were hoteliers while under pressure to reduce the average room rates, but the capital experienced a price increase by three percent to 79 euros as the national average. In Wuppertal occurred among other things less measurement to a price decline by 25 percent to 62 euros.

Ceremony Of The TMG Sponsorship Awards KIT Graduates

Karlsruhe TMG consulting technology management group gives for the first time the TMG sponsorship price of a KIT graduates at the 19.11.2012 held in the Lehmann Lecture Hall on the grounds of KIT in Karlsruhe the award ceremony of the TMG sponsorship of award worth 2.500,-euros. This award for outstanding student achievement was awarded technology management group for the first time on the occasion of the 25th anniversary in 2012 by the Karlsruhe TMG consulting. The election of Prof. Dr. Orestis Terzidis, head of the Institute of EnTechnon and Professor of entrepreneurship at the KIT in Karlsruhe, fell on the 27 Fabian Krauss for his excellent diploma thesis on the topic of business development”.

In the framework of this thesis Fabian Krauss engaged a suitable combination of effective innovation and more efficient marketing issue of successful developing of new business opportunities for innovative technologies in highly fragmented industries”. The award ceremony took place in the wake of a lecture by Prof. Dr. Terzidis. 70 Listeners including family and friends of the prizewinner and conducting business, and almost the entire team TMG – followed the lecture by a guest lecture of the TMG Josef Samaroo senior consultant on the subject of energy”and was complemented by the prize-winner on an impressive presentation of the thesis results. Contact: TMG market and innovation GmbH, Carolin pestle, the Foundry 10, 76227 Karlsruhe, email:

At The End Of The Year: Discount Action TapeRay

WallArt community gives a 30 per cent discount on all wall decals Berlin, December 2012. The Berlin Start-Up TapeRay starts as a reward for the successful year with a discount in the month of Christmas. Expa is open to suggestions. Until December 24, customers receive a 30 per cent discount on all of the online portal WallArts. Those seeking individual, high-quality gifts, finds the right in Germany’s first tattoo community. Beyond the flowery mainstream, the portal offers numerous motifs for refining creative space.

Since launch in March 2012 artworks are available according to CEO Tom Jeffke now around 1200 by over 100 international artists for sale. Every day new works are added. It goes from seven euro. No limits are set at TapeRay the creativity. From cool street art on urban and rural scenes up to children’s motifs for everyone there is something. We are pleased that we can offer our customers a wide variety of different artworks for sale”, says Joan. Without the many artists, the be active in the community contribute, that would be impossible. That in such a short time so many artists chose TapeRay as a sales platform, once again confirms our business model”, so biologist studied further.

At TapeRay artists themselves decide on the height of the selling prices of their images. This makes the community a fair marketplace. There is more information about the tattoo community TapeRay under and taperay. About TapeRay the TapeRay GmbH Daniel Mack in Berlin was founded in 2012 as a community portal for artists and art lovers from the managing directors Thomas Jeffke, Marcel Cornels, and creative head. Together, the young entrepreneurs have created a unique marketplace for wall decals that at TapeRay the artists themselves decide on the height of their prices. The further development and artistic development of the art format vinyl sticker (VinylART) belongs to TapeRays specific objectives. Press contact: Thomas Kyle Dannecker 7 10245 Berlin phone: 030 29 77 0 662 email:.

Internet Management Gmb

While various factors must be considered. They range from social to economic issues. But entrepreneur can breathe safely, because the network offers the right partner for this purpose. All the relevant points are discussed together – be it the current market situation or possible funding. Nobody should be ashamed if he doesn’t know. Filed under: Peter Thiel.

Because this network finally is there. Who will it be? In finding the right consultant for start-ups must agree about. After all, he can lay the foundations of a successful company. This network can, the entrepreneur because it allows an exact profile search. Interested parties form a beginning, that contains all the important criteria to the desired Advisor. These regional aspects play an important role. Who would like to already across travel through Germany to talk to his advisor? Face-to-face talks are Trump. The search to specific regions and specializations can be limited for this reason, to make the business start-up to full success.

Some grants are available only in certain provinces. Therefore, a regional consultant is to recommend. Start a business is a complex undertaking that should be maintained only by professionals. Therefore the network searches targeted after a request for appropriate candidates. The future entrepreneur has only a single task: he must make a request, specifying his desired preferences. The online network will do the rest. Then the professional consultants personally sign up to – assist in establishing existence unless a new funding or helpful tips–> company contact: B & P Internet Management GmbH Mr. Oliver Preikschat Rankestrasse 26 10789 Berlin Germany fon…: 030 / 219 96 99-0 fax..: 030 / 219 96 99-29 web..: existenzgruendung.unternehmensberaterscout. email: press contact: becker designportal UG (haftungsbeschrankt) wife Wiebke Becker Bussard str. 73 82194 Grobenzell fon.

The Hollywood Reporter

Appears Pedro Almodovar to the encounter with the Spanish press, just after the first screening of the film with public and their first press conference. And it calls for prints. It is a little lost – needed reactions that confront their feelings – although talkative. Behind his back, unless he is sin que el se de give account, his brother Agustin – producer of his films and now, for the first time, co-screenwriter – will be smiling as it opens and closes criticism on the web. Read the first positive impressions of The Playlist, The Guardian, The Hollywood Reporter, Time out or Screen International, something more lukewarm in Variety.

I love that I say, there was applause, because the press is tougher. At night they are more educated, says Almodovar. There have also been laughing in moments in which this thriller become a sample of cold horror should leave grieved in the armchair to the Viewer. Laughter is an element that serves to defend himself from the atrocities that you are browsing. I still remember what I have done do to deserve this?, when Carmen Maura discovered that people laughed at some dramatic moment. And to me it seemed that he was well, it liberated. The piel que habito, obviously, is not going out there, and if it has humor, is black. But for me a reaction of laughter is always welcome.

Each audience is different. They puzzle me the laughter of U.S. viewers, that pass is better than the Spaniards. Source of the news:: Almodovar inaugurates a new record in his work