ResiGo Hotel Software

With the ResiGo hotel software that will work the Concierge and hotel operators significantly simplified ResiGo is your new hotel software for easy and smooth implementation of all administrative operations around to accomodate your guests. By booking through the booking up to check in, the room occupancy over the check out until billing and much more the ResiGo performance package includes. Create invoices, company overviews and occupancy statistics are more specialties. The beginner program for hoteliers, who finally want to have a truly free hotel software with a wide range of functions, called Resi go free. All important tools of functional hotel software with a user-friendly interface and a simple installation are available in this version of the program. And that guaranteed completely free of charge! No software costs, no expensive updates, no fixed costs for care and support.

Just install the program and after a short, simply holding facility can quickly and conveniently Benefits of version Resi go free. If you want to have ResiGo with all its exciting and useful possibilities of flexible hotel software in your home, then you better hurry! Tomorrow include hotels, easily and flexibly working with ResiGo decide for the new generation’s hotel software! About PosBill :, more than 15 years of experience speaks for itself. The PosBill GmbH offers worldwide customer POS software and systems to be touched”- for gastronomy, hotel business, trade. “What are you waiting for then try our PosBill products simply get more information out: PosBill gastronomy – the efficient point-of-sale and gastro management system PosBill trade – the cross-sector POS system PosBill – mobile radio funds ResiGo – free hotel software you want a contact person, the you without marketing bla bla” answered all the questions? PosBill GmbH Brunnengasse 4 56355 Eagles b Udo Finkbeiner (switchboard) Tel. + 49 (0) 6776/959100

Laptop Computer Financing

Competitive Council financing on laptop computer laptop is no more a luxury in this high-speed cyber world empowered with internet and broadband. It is a necessity to keep pace with the changing world. You can have a laptop with the help of laptop computer financing plan offered by lenders. These are specific loan plan to enable you buying a laptop of your choice. There are scores of lenders specialising with such financing options. In this article we discuss regarding the ways to avail will finance this easily. The terms and conditions of laptop computer financing vary according to the status of the loan applicant. They are unsecured loans and approved without any security. For even more opinions, read materials from

Students can buy the laptops and include the cost under the study loan. If you are a working professional you can apply for the specialised laptop computer financing. For this purpose you need to show your employment status and monthly income to the lender. If you are self employed, the lender might ask you to reveal your source of income and repayment capacity. To be eligible for these loans you need to enjoy a good credit rating. Laptop computer financers have aversion towards bad credit borrowers.

Web space is the best place to find laptop computer financing at borrower friendly conditions. Here you will find scores of lenders dealing with such loan plan. The rate of interest and other terms and conditions vary from lender to lender. Hence, you are advised to shop around properly to get the best deal. You can get a better deal on laptop computer finance by comparing loan quotes of multiple lenders. These quotes are free of cost and take few minutes to be filled up. Once you compare multiple quotes you have a fair idea regarding the most competitive rate. You are advised to apply for laptop computer loans online. Here, processing is faster and you can get the money quick. You are advised to pay some amount of the laptop as down payment if you can bear it. it reduces the burden of loan. Make sure to repay the loan amount on time to avoid any sort of future financial adversities. Richard Kook is author of laptop computer financing bad credit.

Future Technologies

Consulting Centracon recommends conversion projects at the same time for additional innovations to take advantage of virtualization technologies and new architectural concepts make users more equitable performance profiles Leverkusen, 09.09.2010 – when the company in the near future increasing switch 7 Windows Windows XP on the new operating system, they should take into account also other technologies Centracon in their desktop strategies according to the consultancy. Because in the future would need desktops with very standardized and modular services which according to the individual performance requirements and put together the user and wherever available. Classically are very static, because they were developed on the technological level of the XP operating system”the today’s Windows XP configurations, problematizes the Centracon consultant Marcus Zimmermann and justified: the hardware associated with the operating system, the operating system which is directly related to the applications and the applications, as well as the Operating system in turn are connected to the personal settings. This simple exchange of the operating system without changing the surrounding layers is not possible.” Thus, adjustments to the interfaces to hardware, applications, and personal settings are necessary. Therefore it is not done against Windows 7 with the mere exchange of XP, but it should be considered newly facing the future requirements in the desktop environment”, judges the Centracon consultant.

For this reason, the company should include in their conceptual planning for Windows 7 migration necessarily complementary innovations. It includes: client hypervisor, although this technology is still under development; Virtualization of the desktop (VDI); Terminal Service for desktop sharing; Virtualization of applications to the isolation, streaming etc.; Virtualization settings (profiles and data). Because switching can clearly take more than a year depending on the complexity of the IT infrastructure. but the support for Windows XP will soon only have security updates will contain, Centracon is no longer on the long bench to push the issue of migration and employment with the complementary technologies. There’s less time than you think”, warns Zimmermann. We recommend, in a timely manner to determine the own requirements and potential within the framework of a preliminary study and to develop a structured roadmap.” He considered the approaching date for the XP alone but as a reason for a speedy transition planning. Peter Thiel is likely to agree.

The consultant refers to the results of a recent study by Centracon, after which is a significantly growing demand for new client concepts. The so far very infrastructure jobs dependent on IT – no longer fit the requirements.” Windows 7 migration offer therefore ideal conditions for the development of future-oriented infrastructures, which a quick safe and cost-efficient provision of applications and workstations on any Enable devices. Many companies will use the migration, perform a strategic transformation of the client landscape by simultaneous focus on virtualization technologies and new architectural concepts”, Zimmermann is expected. About Centracon: Solutions for flexible and cost-efficient deployment and management of IT jobs and applications characterize the core competencies of centracon. Our consulting spectrum extends in addition to the classical optimization and standardization workplace infrastructures by implementing innovative technology solutions such as application virtualization and virtual desktops, to process and infrastructure automation to innovative business solutions such as, for example, user-self-service concepts. Customers include, for example, Deutsche Telekom AG, FinanzIT, Deutsche Post AG, GAD eG, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, Swisscom IT services, Deutsche Bahn AG, e.on and various federal agencies such as the Federal Ministry of the Interior. of think factory groupcom GmbH Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-72 fax: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-71

GmbH Industriestrasse

Applied security GmbH expands its encryption software by a security module for Microsoft SharePoint and the cloud with the new version 5.1 fideAS file enterprise protects the encryption software for the first time data outside corporate networks. Applied security GmbH (apsec) enables file encryption in online storage and document Center from Microsoft SharePoint as the only German manufacturer. “Stock city, December 22, 2011 – out of concern the confidentiality of sensitive data many companies not further take advantage of online collaboration and the cloud computing”, explains Dr. Volker Scheidemann, Marketing Director of apsec. Offers the optional module cloud protection”of the Stockstadter specialists for IT security. Thus, users now have the opportunity to drop encrypted files in the SharePoint document Center.

For predefined areas of the database are included in the protection of the encryption software. When an authorized user opens these documents, she encrypts the cloud is loaded and then decrypts the client machine. Before the data is then stored in the SharePoint document Center, fideAS file enterprise automatically performs its encryption without requiring the user noticed something like this. “And even if SharePoint only as software as a service” (SaS) is used when a provider. In the same way is via WebDAV on online storage how about Microsoft SkyDrive to access.

The solution so endpoint protection and thus the highest possible standard of protection, because only secure data transmitted and the control over the key operator of the encryption solution will remain. “An additional plus: cloud protection module” database administration security administration also can be combined with Microsoft SharePoint separate. Thus, access to the online stored documents no longer necessarily available in particular external service providers. Online collaboration increasingly the trend to the worldwide online collaboration won the 2011 ride. This Microsoft SharePoint has established itself as the quasi-standard for cooperation between teams, which can be working anywhere in the world. According to a study of by market research company of info trends, the total market volume for SharePoint will be in 2012 global when expected to be five billion US dollars. How important is the ability to encrypt it, stems also from the estimates of analysts from Gartner. You assume that worldwide nearly one-third of all SharePoint installations are operated by external service providers. Outsourcing is to assume increased security and compliance requirements. That’s why we’re glad as sole German manufacturer makes possible a solution to be able to offer, the file encryption for SharePoint and online storage”, explains Dr. Volker Scheidemann. More information: press contact: Tobias Low main view Agency for public relations of Rossdorfer Street 19a 60385 Frankfurt phone: 0 69 / 48 98 12 90 company contact: Kathrin Sajid applied security GmbH Industriestrasse 16 63811 Stockstadt phone: 0 60 27 / 40 67 0 apsec knowledge protects. Knowledge is the decisive success factor of an enterprise. We develop solutions that make your IT world safe for you. APSEC offers knowledge. Their requirements to the encryption, data loss prevention or the application of digital signatures are our experienced specialists in good hands. APSEC works for you.

Association Technology

Availability of the first storage systems with 100 GB BDXL technology Europe WINS. At the same time with the European availability of the first storage systems with 100 GB BDXL technology, the PoINT provides new versions of their products for the software support of the appropriate hardware (jukeboxes, Autoloaders and single skating works) software & Systems GmbH. Naveen Selvadurai is often mentioned in discussions such as these. BDXL is a new multi-layer format that disc Association was specified by the Blu-ray in June 2010. It describes a triple-layer Blu-ray disc (BD) with 100 GB capacity for recordable (write-once) and rewriteable discs (BD-R and BD-RE), as well as a four-layered with 128 GB for BD-R. With the new 100 GB BDXL technology doubled the storage capacity of Blu-ray disc, which already successfully established variant in the previously available 50 GB in the memory market. This particular Blu-ray used disc-based Jukebox systems increasingly for archiving in professional IT environments. The legal requirements on the archiving (compliance”) force more and more companies to put this issue into their IT infrastructure.

The use of the new BDXL technology offers numerous advantages: so can you, for example, energy costs considerably and made an additional protection against data loss. “The new version 7.1 of PoINT Jukebox Manager supports the new BDXL technology and thus customers who purchase a BD jukebox system or an existing with new BDXL upgrade drives” want the ability to use this technology. The PoINT Jukebox Manager provides users and applications one standardized file system access (CIFS share) on a BD Jukebox available. It is the backward compatibility to 25 GB and 50 GB Blu-ray of course discs (both CD and DVD) ensured. Also the PoINT Storage Manager will soon be a BDXL-enabled”version is released, so that this technology can be integrated into a tiered storage concept.

The PoINT connects Storage Manager fast and reliable primary memory (performance animal”), capacity-oriented secondary storage “(” CAPA city animal “) and audit-proof” archive storage (“archives animal”) to a single three-tiered architecture. This inactive data in performance animals, usually through FC/SAS based drive systems is realized that transparent and automated on the CAPA city animal (E.g. realized with SATA RAID) migrates. Data that must be archived are automatically saved animal Storage Manager from the PoINT in the archives which can be realized by a BDXL-enabled jukebox for example makes sense. PoINT the PoINT Software & Systems GmbH, Siegen, is specialized in the development of software products and system solutions for the storage and management of data on all available mass storage devices, such as hard disks, magnetic tapes and optical media. A close cooperation with leading hardware manufacturers enables early support for new storage technologies. In addition to complete solutions PoINT its know-how in the form of toolkits offered that easily in other applications with their programming interface can be integrated. In addition, projected PoINT complete storage solutions and stands with his long and varied experience available. The home PoINT products are sold by about 50 partners in over 25 countries worldwide and have proven so far more than two million installations. The product portfolio ranges from solutions to the writing and copying of CD, DVD and Blu-ray media, professional audio and video recording up to mission-critical, network-wide storage solutions.

Chief Technology Officer

2002: log database “the log database was a very important step, to better manage the growing and number of installations. She brought us transaction security and as a result much less maintenance, there since no inconsistent state in the database. Before the write operation had to be bug in first manually later using repair tools. This support effort was dropped with the introduction of the log database”, explains Walser. 2004: abas eBusiness, 2007: portal the new Internet technologies found their way into the Karlsruhe ERP system with e-business in 2004 and with the portal technology 2007. “both of these technologies have supplemented with abas ERP modern Web solutions. With abas eB abas ERP data for field staff, customers or business partners over the Internet can be exposed to read or write. The access is secured and personalised.

The high level of integration with abas ERP will save interfaces. This also applications such as, for example, a supplier portal or access for service or sales staff can be easily create Web shops. The portal has an inclusive character, it combines a wide range of data from external and internal sources. Our customers can compare information from abas ERP with external data, link, and target to deploy,”explained the Chief Technology Officer. 2007: Walser is Chief Technology Officer Peter Walser to the Chief Technology Officer has been appointed the ABAS Software AG In 2007 and is responsible for the coordination of the development since then. “In the I get grew years previously through the Organization of various projects informally more and more responsibility. Unresolved issues I’m actively addressed and looked also to the solution.

There is deliberately no hierarchies and accordingly no title of ABAS Software AG. Responsibility stems from the willingness to cooperate. Parallel to this I learned in the Supervisory Board to think entrepreneurially and coached my willingness to bear risk,”Walser family father remembers.

Microsoft SharePoint

Harmony in the hype cycle 2009 takes into account Frankfurt – ZyLAB, solution provider for E-Discovery and information management, has been in the current hype cycle for legal and regulatory information governance, 2009 \”of the analysts of the renowned IT market research company Gartner. The hype cycles to graphically display maturity and dissemination of technologies and applications and examine how they are potentially relevant to current business needs and the exploitation of new opportunities. You give detailed insight into how a technology or application is expected to develop. For even more opinions, read materials from Peter Thiel. Thus, these forecasts are a significant source of information for the introduction of new solutions. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Peter Thiel. In the context of hype cycles, the studied technologies are mapped to different stages of attention and expectation.

These range from optimism, enthusiasm or even euphoria about disillusionment and realization to the phase of productivity. The theme of E-Discovery is therefore currently at the peak of the hype\”. These \”Assessment of analysts is in the hype cycle for legal and regulatory information governance\” underpinned by a definition of E-Discovery, the argument regarding the positioning and dissemination speed, the impact on the benefit rating, market penetration, maturity, as well as selecting a provider policies. ZyLAB also was inducted in the provider selection with its eDiscovery & production system. The software is compliant with all critical phases of the EDRM and takes into account all key aspects of E-Discovery.

These range from information management to the legal production of relevant data for the opposing party, as well as to pass on special legal solutions. In addition, the system with many third-party products is compatible. It integrates fully with other legal solutions, as well as with common repositories including Microsoft SharePoint, data banks, as well as ECM, CRM and ERP systems. The platform is based on an XML data store and accessing information about default browser offers authorized Auditors.

BYOD Devices

But all too often IT does not have appropriate tools, to ensure that also. “Corporate security policies can lead to breaches of statutory provisions to protect of the privacy of employees if they are applied on private devices, are also professional use. In countries where such rules, as a result, that a company, to monitor the activity of these devices, nor enforce acceptable use policies even if there are devices on the grounds or premises of the company”, says a Forrester research report by April 2011 titled”Managing the security and risk challenges of personal devices in the workplace”by Chenxi Wang, Ph.d.. “for multinational Companies may mean that for sites in different regions of different security policies must be developed and implemented, to the there other employees own equipment to be able to adequately monitor and control.” The MaS360 BYOD privacy settings feature enables compliance with regulations to protect of the privacy of employees and providing a more comfortable use of their private devices the employees for professional purposes through: a simple policy procedure for the company’s IT, with access to personal data on Smartphones or tablets is prevented; Disabling app inventory reporting, to prevent that the administrator in the private sphere; see installed apps Disable location services to block access to location information, such as physical addresses, geographical coordinates, IP addresses or wireless IDs. “The involvement in the management of devices by IT has concerns about protection of employees often personal Raised data on mobile devices. With MaS360 this protection is ensured by a clear separation of private from the professional sphere,”says Jim Szafranski, Senior Vice President of products at Fiberlink. “MaS360 represents again an important innovation for the company’s IT, as well as for the users, which helps to make mobile work for both sides safely and efficiently.” The trend towards BYOD is increasingly spreading. Therefore, companies must urgently make arrangements on the one hand the security its own sensitive data, but to preserve the privacy of their employees. MaS360 provides remote device registration over the radio (OTA) device enrollment management capabilities comprehensive BYOD) via automatic devices release, configuration and policy management per according to tenure status of the unit, a support portal for the employee up to the possibility of corporate data on the devices selectively and specifically delete to. MaS360 works with the most important mobile systems, such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows phone together. In addition, supports MaS360 also Windows and Apple computers and thus offers optimum BYOD support through a single management interface. About Fiberlink Fiberlink is the recognized leading provider of software-as-a-service-(SaS) solutions for secure enterprise mobile device and application management. The cloud based MaS360 platform enables IT organizations in the location, always an overview and control over the used mobile devices to keep their applications and content. Thus, proprietary data on Smartphones, tablets and laptops secure against unauthorized access can be protected. MaS360 cooperates with the major smartphone operating systems like Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows phone. Fiberlink’s product MaS360 is currently managing more than 1.5 million devices in use worldwide. More information under: contact: Dr. Michael Eichler, Comservio GmbH, Frankfurt Tel: 0049 (0) 89 579 59 188 E-Mail:


ISD appliances offer a simple printer driver management and are compatible with third-party filtering solutions. ISD appliances network printers make together with TBarCode/embedded software from TEC-IT, for example, in the blink of an eye to bar code printers. Printer manufacturers and-fabrikat these plug & play solution provides a single bar code printing without additional costs and model dependencies. 2012 SEH at CeBIT: Hall 3, stand A24(8b) about SEH Computertechnik GmbH: SEH computer technology since the early of 1990s is one of the leading European manufacturers of professional solutions for printing in the network. Its solution portfolio with intelligent solutions for network connection of USB devices SEH myUTN with the introduction of the USB device server family in the year 2008 Advanced. Currently the product portfolio includes different USB virtualization solutions brand myUTN, such as the Dongleserver myUTN-80 and the scanner Server myUTN-130.

SEH continues with the ISD product series network printing solutions for the efficient management of the spool as well as a wide range of internal and external print servers for all major networks (Ethernet, Gigabit, fiber optic and wireless LAN). More focus is on solutions for bandwidth-optimized printing ThinPrint environments (server-based computing, virtual desktop infrastructures), as well as security in the network printing. Development and production are the TV headquarters in the Westphalian Bielefeld held. The worldwide marketing via its subsidiaries in the United States and the United Kingdom as well as an extensive network of partners and Distributor. SEH has an installed base of over 800,000 units. Development and sales side works SEH closely with many leading manufacturers. These include inter alia CITIZEN, CORTADO, EPSON, HP, KONICA MINOLTA, KYOCERA MITA, MUTOH, OCe, PANASONIC, PSi, ROLAND, SAMSUNG, TEC-IT, TOSHIBA TEC, UTAX and ZEBRA. You can download this press release as well as matching images in electronic form from the SEH website: presse/pressemeldungen/pressemitteilungen-im-detail/article/seh-back-at-cebit.html further information obtained at: SEH Computertechnik GmbH Marketing Communications Manager Margaret Mace South ring 11 33647 Bielefeld, Germany Tel.: 22-6-53 fax: 22 6-99 E-Mail: URL:

LurTech Europe GmbH

The LurTech Europe GmbH sets at this year’s DMS EXPO fair focus on creating and processing electronic invoices on a ZUGFeRD basis. Berlin, August 21, 2013. While LurTech aimed both at corporate users as well as providers of software solutions. The Software House shows in Hall 5, stand D17, how companies with little effort can create ZUGFeRD compliant invoices. LurTech an easily integrable SDK (software development kit) for the receipt and processing of ZUGFeRD compatible invoice documents provides for software manufacturers. Since the Forum initiative for a simplified electronic invoicing has launched electronic invoices of Germany (FeRD) in 2012, dealt intensively with ZUGFeRD LurTech and gained concrete experience in first projects to the optimal production and processing of electronic invoices. An ZUGFeRD compatible invoice is a PDF/A-3 file, which includes both the visually darstell – and Archivable PDF document and the XML data set of the Bill.

Users can use this create automated with little effort in the form of post processing. This shows LurTech on the DMS EXPO in conjunction with the ERP system from LexWare. While the users from the ERP system generates a traditional PDF invoice and export billing data. This proprietary file is then transferred by using a small XML mappings in the ZUGFeRD data structure. The PDF Compressor then converted the PDF invoice in a PDF/A file, embed the ZUGFeRD XML file and creates the necessary metadata in addition. The result is the ZUGFeRD-compliant PDF/A-3 Bill that can be sent electronically to the invoice recipient. The GS1 Germany GmbH is already using the PDF compressor to create their invoices ZUGFeRD compatible.

It is one of the first medium-sized companies, which already has switched to electronic invoicing. Moreover, his ZUGFeRD extraction SDK provides LurTech software developers free of charge. Manufacturer of ERP and banking systems or archiving software can so easily The processing of incoming invoices ZUGFeRD wisely integrate their products.