Technical Fact

Products made of polyethylene have purchased a huge spread in our time. Only through proper technical factors, the material began to be used so extensively. Polyethylene is not affected by corrosion, resistant to Effects both high temperatures and small, has high density at fracture. Let us consider in more detail, what products are made from polyethylene. Metal pipes are gradually moving out of use. First, They have a huge weight, the second to cause a lot of difficulties during use (the replacement pipe in whole or hotel components of the pipeline). Now widely used in the construction of plastic pipe, as she own technical characteristics far superior to metal pipe.

Polyethylene is resistant to the effects of various chemical compounds. Pipes made from this material are not only used for transportation water but other liquids or gases. Products made of polyethylene acquired widespread use in irrigation and drainage systems. For these purposes, the pipe with a corrugated surface. Another such pipes are used in road construction in order to reduce the inflow of groundwater to substandard sections of roads.

Since water can form voids under the road, the site of what may form blockages. Another material that widely used in the construction of a three-dimensional geogrids. These products have a cellular structure, the holes are filled with special materials. Quite often they are used for road construction in order to prevent erosion of soil, mostly on the slopes. Also, the bulk of the lattice is used for reinforcing earthworks, which provides great structural strength. Products made of polyethylene used in economic purposes, even for snow removal. For example, snow shovels, will be a perfect thing in any home. It's light, comfortable and most importantly, it does not stick to the snow. Is to provide hotel group plastic products for cars – namely, lockers, mats in the living area, and much more. And now dwell on any product detail. Lockers – it is fitting wheel arches. During the ride the small stones, wood chips that fall on the wheel will obbivat the paint on your car that after a time will damage the body. Because in the scratched place (chips, scratches) will hit the water, and this can lead to rusting of the surface. To avoid this majority of both foreign and domestic cars and installed in wheelhouse – lockers. Be sure to take care of the cleanliness of the car. Mainly in autumn and winter period is necessary to pay special attention. Because the cabin will be exposed to dirt, leaves, snow and other debris. In order not to contaminate the interior trim is best to use pads in the salon. So any time you can get a rug wash and put back into the salon. And the comfortable and convenient. The same applies to the mats for the trunk. On the car carrying anything, so in order not to spoil the trunk, it is better immediately after the acquisition of cars and to acquire such an item.

Site Selection For Construction

You have decided to build a house or cottage. And the first things you encounter – it is a choice land, if he does not get you on nasledstvu.Vybor location of the site. Necessary to determine the location of the site and the amount you're willing to invest in the purchase of land. It is important to remember that the price of the plot is directly influenced by its location and size. The size of the plot.

Depends primarily on the project home to be built and improvement of local area. Wisely chosen house design allows you to make optimal use of every one hundred square meters of land. Even in a small area the size of 6.7 hectare is possible to construct a house of 120-200 sq.m. and implement landscaping. Pfizer brings even more insight to the discussion. When choosing a site for construction must pay attention to the following points: the ecological situation in the area; wind rose, the state of roads and the possibility of the entrance to the site of construction technology; accessibility plot (to estimate the amount of time needed to spend to get to the store, stop, kindergarten, etc.).

Analyze and assess the proposal site is selected and you reviewed many of the quotations in your area and decide on its size. What do I do next? You can independently engage in the search area if a sufficient number of times. But to reduce the amount of time searching and did not get to the "pitfalls" of the legal aspects of purchase / sale, it is advisable to turn to professionals in real estate. In addition, significant advantage is that realtors and real estate agents have a sufficiently large number of bids for parts of Land in the open: The essential advantage of this site is the free movement construction equipment (crane, tractor, dump truck, etc.), as well as a wide selection of building project. It is very important to remember that under this section can have any landscape design, since it is possible to artificially change (ravines, hills, fountains, ponds and streams). Plot on the slope: The advantages of such locations include the beautiful views from the elevation of the surrounding space (forest, prairie, river, etc.), with sufficient sunlight, the possibility use the natural elevation for decorating the landscape (hills, terraces, waterfalls). But we must remember that during the construction will have to align the site, removing the natural projections and giving easy slope. This necessary to avoid soil erosion (soil creep, which leads to deformation, cracks, critical slope of the building and destruction), as do the following – create a specially fortified terrace (brick masonry, concrete frame faced with a decorative material).

Decorative Selfleveling Floor

Of course, if you talk about all the advantages possessed by a decorative self-leveling floor, then you may not have enough life. In fact, properties such as fire safety, hygiene, chemical resistance, durability, water resistance, strength, self-leveling floors make an excellent choice for your apartment or house. In addition to these features self-leveling floors are even wonderful and decorative characteristics – they rich in its colors. Because of this property by using self-leveling floor can implement any design scheme. You can simply implement minimanilisticheskoe monochrome solution – because thanks to sverhrovnomu gloss white surface exclusive self-leveling floor will look very elegant and stylish.

Because such a "luxury" as clean and white color can not afford not to each cover. Also on the floor with liquid adhesive stencils can be applied exclusive pictures. Design poured floors are created by silk-screen technology, which consists of filling stations in several stages of different colors. In this densely taped a stencil or tape glued define the boundaries of the fill. Created images of screen technology, very efficient and they will never be erased. You can shape the image of the forest glade, the bottom of the sea or rivers, or lawn, combining the flock, sand, pieces of foil and colored straws. Floquet or "chips" – colorful enamel pieces. In using modern decorative color inks, as well as different techniques for applying to the substrate, can get uniform and smooth surface with metallic and pearl effects.

It can change the hue and color from different angles, mosaics, silk compressed and avital velvet, an imitation of natural stone, the texture of different wood species. Transparent topcoat also serves as a protective coating and to create a number of decorative effects: increases game variety of colors and shades, transmits image depth, creates the effect of the spilled water, as well as increases the picturesque and contrast-colored substrate. You can also create decorative patterns, a sketch, strip, marks, luminous hands, markers, using colored and shiny sand. Decorative self-leveling floor has a thickness from 1,5 mm to 2,5 mm. To use them you must have a fairly smooth ground, which is tentatively to clear, dedusted, degrease and dry. On service life inlet cover can say that it serves more than 20 years and once made a picture with the brand will be for many years to advertise you for free. The effectiveness of such advertising will be much better media or the outside. After all, "flood the floors – those floors, as are immediately cease to doubt. And these words are clients who have established themselves in such floors and now advise their friends, while talking about their benefits Therefore, choosing for their home flooring, turned his attention to an exclusive self-leveling floor. After all, it is not only easy to clean dry and wet method, but it is also very aesthetically beautiful, unique and practical.


Begin to understand this not only designers, but ordinary consumers. Estimated marketers, about 50% of buyers interested primarily designed radiators, and then to their thermal properties. Radiator variety So what do we mean by saying "radiator"? Most of us in answering this question will imagine the familiar cast-iron "accordion." However, to date range of the production increased significantly. Hear other arguments on the topic with Peter Thiel. Production technology have changed considerably. Materials used in the manufacture of radiators, it has become much more.

In general, modern radiators – they are reliable, safe and cost effective devices that combine both technical and aesthetic functions. A variety of structural solutions, geometric shapes and colors can not leave indifferent even the most demanding customer. The radiator is translated from Latin means "radiant". This is the final point of delivery of heat in our homes and apartments in the complex system of water heating. Hot water from the boiler through pipes goes into the radiator, which supports the premises to the desired temperature. It should be noted that in addition to radiators, there is also a coil. The latter differ from their "colleagues" ways of passage of heated air. He goes to the bottom of the convector, is heated and rises.

Let's start with the convector. As a rule, it is a heating element (steel or copper pipes with steel or aluminum bars), enclosed in cover. Such devices are well-kept pressure, corrosion resistant. In addition to heating with a high degree of glass surfaces or cold walls fit baseboard (height about 100 mm) and underfloor convectors.

Pasting Wallpaper

Desktop has long been firmly on the palm as widely used interior material. Wallpaper manufacturers afraid to lag behind competitors are constantly improving their technology and apply new materials that raise the property of wallpaper on a new level. When choosing wallpaper can not be guided only by appearance, be sure to take into account their properties. You'll encounter with an assortment of different types and characteristics oboev.Pered pasting wallpaper you have to prepare the surface, ie remove starye.Budet easier if you moisten them with water and soak up the pressure, clear steel spatula. Further, if there is a whitewash then wash it off. You also need to pro primed wall, behind the putty where required and when dry you can get down to business. Clay in the stores today are also presented in a wide range, today there are compounds with different properties, moisture-resistant, opposing the development of mold and mildew and most importantly easy cooked in cold water using a mixer. Only necessarily aware that the label indicates to what exactly the type of wallpaper they podhodyat.Pri to work is important to close windows and doors.

If there is an edge then glue should begin from the window. But today's wallpaper is usually glued to the butt and then pasting the direction values are not imeet.Oboi cut to a height of the wall with an obligatory allowance for 7-10 see it will depend on the pattern that you will sovmeschat. wallpaper glue from the back side with a brush or roller, then fold into the glue. It is imperative that they soaked and softened. Next wallpaper carefully put on the wall and smooth out a special roller, brush, cloth or plastic special spatula. Surplus wallpaper from skirting conveniently cut bureaucratic .Po completion of the work required to walk and eliminate the gaps.

Russian Companies

Thus, the recent victory of Sochi in the fight for the right to host the Olympics has become the basis of signing the agreement between Russian corporation Glavstroy and regional engineering and construction group of companies "Rostovgiproshaht. On the one hand, Rostov company has modern equipment and technology design, on the other, Glavstroy as a leading construction and industrial corporation federal level – a necessary economic potential and an extensive network of business partners. In this case, both companies to pool their resources, have one goal: to participate in Olympic projects. But it is often the case that even firms with radically different goals can unite their efforts to address them together. For example, in the past , the largest domestic construction company Sistema-Hals has agreed with the Chinese state corporation Hebei Construction Group on a strategic partnership. Each of the members of this alliance – their own goals.

According to the President Sistema-Hals Felix Yevtushenkov, for the Russians in this partnership are important "building world-class technologies, as well as professional managerial and operational resources," the Chinese side, through which the company hopes to reduce its costs. From the perspective of their partner's cooperation with the Russians also have their benefits. Firstly, the famous companion of the Chinese work will be much easier. And secondly, the Russians have own a huge portfolio of projects. "The agreement with Sistema-Hals is a significant opportunity to use our potential in Russia and cis countries. Cooperation between the companies will be strategic nature and is not limited to contract work ", – said chairman of the board of directors of Chinese companies, Siyumin.