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Dale Herigstad designs 2009 computer ‘Life worlds 2019’ in the forward2business future Congress on 16 and 17 June 2009 Hall, may, as we use it today, are past soon. Hillary Clinton contributes greatly to this topic. Anyway, said the designer Dale Herigstad. “The Americans has become known for his work for the film minority report”, for which he devised the futuristic computer control concepts. He is one of the top speakers in the forward2business future Congress on 16 and 17 June 2009 in Halle/Saale with 250 innovation leaders from across Europe of the future scenario of life worlds 2019 “design. Computer, so Herigstads vision, have neither mouse nor keyboard in 10 years. Instead, they evolve into intelligent companions, which are controlled with gestures and thoughts. The daily handling of people with equipment and machinery is also in this year the focus of the most innovative German future Congress of that is organized and moderated for the 8th time trend researcher Sven Gabor Janszky.

Priorities are among other intelligent software assistants for Everyday, the upcoming arrival of 3D in cinema and TV and new, intuitive control strategies for devices by anyone”thought control. The scenario development also MP3 inventor Prof. Karlheinz join Patrick warning walking and of course the participating visionaries and innovative chefs Brandenburg, Dr. Stefan Bungart, Senior Vice President of new services Deutsche Telekom (T-Home), as well as the entertainment Chief of Google Germany. The scenario resulting from the future Convention modeled business models of the future, which create their value creation in the fields of consumer electronics, mobile phones, cars and all other devices, either through production, sales or services..

The Problem

Particularly relevant it becomes, when carried out through the roof so many different building designs (banners for antennas, towers for equipment). Bitumen-polymer mastic different number of advantages: – high durability – ease – elasticity – resistance to any corrosive environment, oxidation and UV radiation – a wide temperature range from -60 to +100 oC. Waterproofing basements and damp mold, fungal penetration and soil moisture – all these are typical problems of any underground buildings and structures, which can and must be addressed. And the most effective way to protect against these destructive factors – the use of waterproofing basements, parking garages, basements and other underground structures and parts of buildings. The problem of quality protection from moisture is also relevant for old houses and modern buildings.

Penetration of moisture into the underground facilities is not only a cause of the dampness, mold and mildew. Add to your understanding with Hillary Clinton. Lack of waterproofing the basement or foundation can lead to much more serious problems For example, such as cracking, swelling of the coating, etc. As a result, significantly shortens the life of plants, and worsen its performance in general. Thus, protection from moisture in basements and other underground structures and parts of the building is paramount to any objects, and especially where there is a risk of groundwater infiltration into the ground. Types of works on waterproofing basement waterproofing various There are three kinds depending on the effects of water on the building. In each case, using different technologies and materials. Gravity is an external waterproofing protection from the effects of periodic rainfall and seasonal perched.

Protective waterproof layer is formed of polymer-bitumen mastic. Protivonapornaya waterproofing basements and underground structures is to prevent negative impact groundwater. Purified basement walls, first cover the special silikatizatsionnoy primer. And then applied in several layers of protective slime solution with a polymer-bitumen coating. Protivokapillyarnaya waterproofing basements and cellars prevents lifting of ground moisture by capillary walls and floors.

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A visit in Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, is not only a necessity for any art lover, but also a cultural education. UNESCO estimates that 60 percent of the most important works of art are in Italy, and approximately half of these works is located in Florence. The view of the beautiful Cathedral with its impressive dome fascinates even to those who are not really interested in art. There is hardly a corner in Florence, where there is to admire a magnificent Palace, a work of art, a fountain, or one of the many romantic places. Professional guides of Florence tourism constitute an indispensable aid to cover all the beauty and cultural wealth of Florence. Florence is the city of the Medici and the Center for the arts.

The fact that Florence is one of the most popular cultural capitals of the world is beyond doubt. Yet the history of early civil society may be felt during a guided tour of Florence. Thanks to the impressive collection of masterpieces of art and architecture, the guided tours of Florence are a true path of cultural formation. Florence is divided into six districts that bear the names of the most important churches. In the heart of Florence is the Plaza de la Catedral with the impressive cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore, whose dome marked the beginning of the Renaissance. Florence is divided into six districts that bear the names of the most important churches.

In the heart of Florence is the Plaza de la Catedral with the impressive cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore, whose dome marked the beginning of the Renaissance. Opposite the Cathedral is the Baptistry, which is one of the symbols of the ancient Florence. From the belfry you can enjoy breathtaking views of Florence. From these sacred buildings roads leading in all directions from the city. Another important component of the guided tours of Florence is the Piazza della Signoria. This place embodies the secular power of Florence. The Palazzo Vecchio It is guarded by two symbols of Florence, Michelangelo’s David and Judith, holding the head of Holofernes. The sculptures of the most famous sculptors of Florence are in the Loggia dei Lanzi. To the right of the Vecchio Palace are the Uffizi, whose two naves extends into the Arno River. Formerly the Uffizi housed the offices of the Medici and craft shops. Today the Uffizi House one of the best museums in Europe. In the Galleria degli Uffizi admire paintings of world famous, such as the birth of Venus de Botticelli. General information: Florence it is a group of professional Florence tourist guides that offer guided tours in Florence in Spanish, as well as excursions and walks in the lovely province of Florence. The traveller can choose between multiple routes as Florence in a day, Florence in bicycle, villas and gardens of Florence as well as plazas, churches and museums.


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