Ancient Russia

Terminology Parquet – floor covering of different types of wood, stacked, ottsiklevannoe and polished, with the application of a protective layer in the form of varnishes, oils and other protective coatings. Sanding parquet – alignment surface after the installation of new flooring or removal of the upper contaminated layer (1 to 3 mm) of the old flooring. Parquet polishing – fine treatment of wooden surfaces directly under the application of varnish or other protective coverage. Floor plank (riveting, die) – the unit, specially treated wooden parts of a certain size, has tongue and groove to dock with the adjacent slats when installing parquet flooring. Groove wood flooring bar – a deepening of the longitudinal and end parts of the strap, insert the comb. Crest of the floor plank – prominence on the front and sides of the longitudinal strips to insert into the groove. The first mention of the dance floor appears even in the annals Ancient Russia since the reign of Ivan the Terrible. Of course, since the time of production technology and application of parquet significantly changed, but the floors and to this day remains the most popular floor covering. AND agree that when you see a beautiful well-packed and finished parquet, for example, various reports from the halls of the Kremlin, it is sincere admiration. Moreover, any uninitiated person in technology manufacturing and device parquet floor, of course, thinks that "it is probably as difficult, long and expensive," he fears, and assuming that he can have a beautiful wooden floors in their homes.

Stretch Film Ceilings

Represent a thin sheet (film) thickness of 0.15 mm, manufactured from high quality vinyl, which pull on the skeleton, called a baguette. On the domestic market suspended ceilings come from France and Holland. Lightweight, durable, not afraid of water, they also hide the bumps, cracks and other defects in the main ceiling. Frames are fixed on the perimeter of the room on a wall or ceiling, it can be visible or secretive, plastic or duralumin. Stretch ceilings produce 150 colors and shades, different textures: matte, glossy, allowing to achieve the effect of specular reflection and thus visually expand the room, marble, suede, velvet, satin, metallic, perforated. Design features of this coating can install them in a room of any configuration, "embrace" the ceiling column create a multilevel ceiling, any geometric shape that is achieved with using split baguettes. Between the suspended ceiling and the ceiling you can put a variety of technical devices: ventilators, air conditioning and lighting.

Guaranteed excellent quality stitches and designs for the next 10 years. From the rolls of a width of 1,5 m (1,6 m in the extended form) make the cut with an allowance for stretch. Canvases are welded together, the contour of welded harpoon – fasteners canvas. On patent ceilings visible thin line interface, it is invisible to the mat. Technology ceiling installation is as follows. On the wall discourage horizontal line through it install aluminum or plastic molding.

Reinforce it with dowels and screws. If ordered recessed fixtures, they set the lock. The canvas is hung on the suspension, heated gas generator (heat gun) and pull around the perimeter of the room. After cooling facilities film is compressed and the ceiling turns out perfectly smooth, without any wrinkles. In the gap between the wall and ceiling, equal to 8 mm, insert a special filler profile. In the right places pierce holes reinforce reinforcing ring and install fixtures. Single fabric tightened 60m2 ceiling if the room is larger, the stretch ribs, to which the film is also stretched out. Stretch ceilings can be cleaned using any detergent, but only with a soft cloth, brush can scratch or even break, because the film is set . Stretch ceilings are not afraid of leaks – they can withstand a fairly large body of water (up to 100 l / m 2 ceiling). Drain it by opening a hole for the lamp. If the built-in fixtures not, the experts of the firm, establishing a ceiling, the ceiling will release angle, release the water, and then attach the ceiling in place. With tension ceilings You can use any type of lighting, but the power of the built-in halogen or incandescent impose restrictions: no more than incandescent lamps 60W, halogen lamps – 35 Tues Fixtures attached to a main ceiling.