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Article: Federal government announces the 100 first cities to be contemplated with Broad band of the Telebrs. Prices vary of R$ 15,00 monthly 35,00 R$ Robert Ramalho are Journalist and studious of subjects politicians the federal government announced the 100 first cities to be contemplated with Broad band of the Telebrs. Prices vary of R$ 15,00 R$ 35,00. Alagoas will have six cities. It was divulged in the end of passed August, for the president of the state Company of Telecommunications Telebrs, Rogrio Santanna, the list of the 100 first Brazilian cities that will receive the PNBL (National Plan of Broad band). Six cities are of Alagoas. They are: Arapiraca (AL), Messias (AL), Palm of ndios (AL), Joaquin Gomes (AL), Pillar (AL) and Wide Rio (AL). To all according to the president of the Telebrs they will be contemplated about 14 million people, who are the joint population of these 100 cities, being able all they to enjoy of the broad band ' ' popular' ' until the end of this year.

For strategical questions the greater part of these cities is located in the northeast region and Southeastern, being of it are at a first moment to the South region that does not have no city listed in this first phase. The National Program of Broad band, established that the prices to be charged will go to vary of R$ 15,00 R$ 35,00 for customer, for a minimum speed of 512 Kbps, being, in principle, sufficiently satisfactory. The mission of the National Plan of Banda Barga (PNBL) is to popularize the access to the Internet of high speed and to reduce the regional social inaqualities, beyond having as goal to take broad band for 40 million Brazilians up to 2014. Today, the covering at least arrives the 12 million domiciles. It is the government of president Lula investing in the devoid population that does not possess Internet Broad band and that with certainty it will have to continue with Dilma future Rousseff president of the Republic of Brazil.

Card Of Credit Is Adapted To My Needs

Nowadays, owning a credit card rather than on whim has become, a necessity. Carrying a credit card allows the purchase of the most varied and diverse products, tickets to shows, the payment at restaurants, ask for credits, buy shares of luxury goods, etc. Even perform payment services, banking operations, withdraw cash and countless other benefits. Countless is the amount of credit cards, as well as its modalities, which allows users to have a wide range available on credit cards that are adapted to their specific needs. Today, having a credit card isn’t just for high-income people.

Credit card companies these days have a wide offer on credit cards as so that each user can choose which best suits your needs. Internet offers a good possibility to find information about the different options when choosing which We should credit card. We can visit these offerings from the Web and thus having a base on credit or debit card to request. Next to each credit or debit card it usually appears information regarding benefits, requirements, cost of maintenance, etc. After the analysis of the characteristics of each credit card, we can decide us and apply for the credit card that best fits our ambitions. Users have the possibility without commitments to request additional information about the product. Today, having a credit card is very simple and they are available to all persons.

The user can request your credit card just click. It is simple and easy, just search among so much offer on credit cards. Credit cards are a means of payment that allows cardholders make purchases with free financing in many cases. Can be used to buy in different establishments, also allows us to dispose of cash in an emergency at any ATM. We can use them abroad. Part of a credit card companies granting brings implied customer financing, each Bank considers the aspects concerning the credit risk of each user, and thus establishes the usual requirements for each. Some of the most common requirements are: stable income and payroll direct debit. Common or used credit cards are the classic (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, AvantCard, etc.). Limits of purchase in stores ranging from 600 euros to 15.00 euros per month, this depends on each financial company. Gold and Platinum also are credit cards: are distinguished from the rest by their color (Platinum or gold). These credit cards are in most high-end segment and are only given to clients with good performance and better solvency. There are boundaries between the 4,500 euros and 60,000 euros.