Visual Basic

Recently I often heard about the new versions of Visual Studio.NET, but I've not used it on as it may seem, personal reasons. Well, firstly, not cheap toys for this need. net Framework. Together with updated Framework. Constantly download Pack a little annoying. Easier to write a program to vb 6.0, which is compiled into a native-code, which means that do not need any.

net, but only suffers clearance. . NET-everything is beautiful. Buttons, menus, etc., and here on vb 6.0 everything goes ancient and not particularly simpotichnym. Second, Visual Studio.NET is just nemerenoe money. Who needs it when you can download a free copy of vb 6.0 Portable? Especially, vb 6.0 provides native-code, which weighs no more than 50 kb. You can also compile and P-code, only his very easy to decompile, so I always compiled to native processor code, although the P-code weighs less (marginally 3 kb). To read more click here: financial technology. Thirdly, Visual Basic.NET crowded useless innovations in the syntax and command set, which makes development tedious task.

But vb 6.0 has an extremely simple and familiar to many programmers (I'm one of them). Especially,. net applications depend on the Framework. I do not know when Microsoft will cease to engage in foolishness and produce 'new' (in quotes because they do not differ from the old) version of Visual Studio.NET. Would be better if that kind of money invested in the creation of a new programming language, which will be of interest to all. However, this case Microsoft.

Home Windows

Usual way: if the window to drag the files of the upper border of the desktop, it will automatically be thrown open to the whole screen, and if delay – will return to the starting position. If in fact surpass it to the right or left, it will lend a smooth half of the screen, and such a way quite comfortably create simultaneous work with several documents. Similarly, the tool windows are allowed to send the keyboard: pritiskivanie 'Win + arrow up / down' will open a window on the screen will either return to the former situation, the introduction of the composition 'Win + arrow left / right to' force the functional window roll of fifty percent screen. There is still a fascinating thing: if the mouse capture window and little 'shake' it, then all the open windows on the desktop minimized on the taskbar. If the window initiative to apply for a left-to right Again, all the windows return to their own places. For even more details, read what Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says on the issue. Zamesto permitted to use the mouse buttons Win + Home.

Result from their use will become such after impressive. For more information see Hillary Clinton. Speeding up the system. With the speed of 'sevens' zamorochek missing, including on machines 2-yl-3-year-old. But if we want to get the most out of companies, speed up the work of dilapidated equipment or low-productivity netbook, it has the perfect solution opportunity to begin the function ReadyBoost, optimizing the system load and weighty additions because of the expense of cache on a flash drive. In distinction from the 'Vista' Windows 7 ReadyBoost device is the most absolute.

Module SecOSD

The new module SecOSD appeared recently and is suitable for the program dvb dream version 1.5 (a, b, c). I would like to begin by describing the features and technical specifications, which has this module: sufficient ergonomic design, performed in a quiet non-irritating tones Ability to view large amounts of information and you are viewing channel: channel number, name of provider, type of encoding (if it is coded channel, and if it is fta channel, is mapping the corresponding icon) Electronic Program Channel: Displays current and upcoming programs, also displays the duration of the program and the time before its completion. In addition to digital time data visualization in the form of a progress bar Visualization of changes in the volume channel Call / Closing informative panels using the keyboard Support work with a remote control, as well as Display button on the remote Display as an icon of muted Visualization of such important parameters as the level and quality of the signal in the form of two colored strips the minuses during the test I would like to Note the lack of support of the Russian language electronic program guide, but I think that soon the authors of this corrected. Russian interface file I have done, it was simple: it was necessary to create a separate language translation file. It can also be downloaded from our website.