Specialty Quality

Carlos Mora Vanegas the postgraduate programme of the speciality of management of the quality and productivity of the Area of postgraduate’s Faces of the University of Carabobo that began in 1999, before the need for professionals fully identified with this specialty in order to contribute their knowledge, skills, skills to national, so companies that give way to the relevance, scope of creating and developing an excellent philosophy of quality and productivity that favors them, has very considered determinant than their teachers, participants take step to lines of research which collaborate with solutions, proposals and models that will benefit enterprises, especially for new challenges, technological development, competitiveness demand that the globalizing world. Considers the programme that his responsibility training, training, specialists in quality and productivity high level and develop research applied as strength to solve problems of quality and productivity in companies in the sector public and private and direct their efforts towards the the transformation of these companies and for the training of a leading and innovative Manager aware of the challenges you face in today’s world to make a commitment to the transformation of the current reality. The participants have a responsibility to present and defend a degree work that includes not only contributions, suggestions for solving problems of quality and productivity, but the submission of proposals, models that involve to companies, organizations and institutions, to benefit from what the quality and productivity in the present represents, product inquiries. Require the program to define its lines of research requirements to institutions, organizations, companies, conducted a poll that will determine where the main problems of quality and productivity, manifested the needs to be covered, competing requirements, modern demands in quality standards and everything, that’s step to favourable results in the exercise of this specialty. Strengthened lines of research were defined, taking also into account, the theoretical and practical knowledge of the curriculum of specialty in each of their subjects so, the program has established the following lines of research, so that you select the one that is of interest to the participant: models of quality systems.

Technion City

The city and port of Haifa is one of the most beautiful of Israel and the Middle East. The city that is a synonym for coexistence between Jews and Arabs has all kinds of entertainment, a unique charm and a thriving commercial and industrial activity, almost unmatched in the Middle East. Haifa is first mentioned in the Talmud in the third century of our era, although some argue that the Haifa city was located where today is the city of Jaffa, South of Tel Aviv. The city located 90 kilometers from Tel Aviv, is the largest in the North of Israel and one of the largest with a population of almost 300,000 residents. The city’s port is the largest in Israel by the large amount of traffic of imports and exports that pass by it. Haifa is located on Mount Carmel where the Baha ‘ i Temple is located.

In Haifa is also located one of the centres of research and study of the world’s most important technology: the Tejnion. It is one of the most active industrial cities of Israel and several reputable companies they are located in it as: Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Motorola, and Google. Haifa also boasts a myriad of shopping and shopping centers and a rich nightlife with pubs, theatres and cinemas. Haifa is also host to one of the most important football teams of the time in Israel, Maccabi Haifa. The team has won repeated israeli first division Soccer Championship and has also played the euro showing signs of being at the level of the world’s largest when confronted to the Liverpool of Britain and other big European football. The city suffered almost daily attacks during the second Lebanon war in August 2006.