To the foregoing, can be added, that to be able to face those challenges, definitely, management must update their knowledge, administrative tools according to the requirements of the present so that you can face it successfully, so, it is necessary to count with the support of national universities, its schools of administration, their graduate degrees in this discipline and upgrade their knowledge according to the demands of the present, reformulate the Administrator profile that you have, which leaves a lot to say on gaps in knowledge that have not been considered according to the dynamics of the changes, challenges, technology, that the present demands and to ensure competitiveness. Be taken into account, which cannot be achieved a great success in the leadership profile, if the administrator is not energetic, eager to take on challenges, responsibilities and determined, capable of conveying the willingness to carry out the things to the profitable end and not to be able to exercise the determination and the good judgment of controlling emotions when they are subjected to pressures. There is that olviar, which the leaders not only control and direct his followers, but in a very real sense, also embody the most significant characteristics of their groups. If you intend to be a good manager in the present, we must accept followers, motivate them.