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Hanze Institute of technology, Hanze University of applied sciences, Groningen of the Bachelor in sensor technology at the Hanze University of applied sciences Groningen is a degree in engineering with an international orientation. The English-language study draws students from around the world on the HIT also from Germany. Partner network: The practical in the study is organized through a broad network of partners. The network consists of national and international companies, partners, faculties and of course international students. Among the partners are well-known companies such as TNO, astron, NAM, and Sun Microsystems. Job profile: sensor technology is used in many areas of life: health, infrastructure, agriculture, general production companies or in the everyday areas, the consumer goods.

As a graduate, not only are you able to develop sensor systems, but are also responsible for the system management and innovation management. Curriculum: The Bachelor’s degree program “Advanced sensor applications” is a four-year degree with special curriculum. The curriculum consists of eight topics: health care, nature, industry, society, sensors, system and maintenance, sensor networks and data management. In addition to such classical curriculum, there are complementary subjects such as intercultural communication, personal development or career guidance. Amongst the students with their studies a high level of satisfaction. A study of the Hanze University of applied sciences Groningen showed the ASA (Adavanced sensor applications) students is happier than the national average.

You also appreciate the opportunity to develop personally and professionally. You can find more information about the College and to the degree also under: or in the social network: HanzeUniversityGroningen of the Hanze University: in 1986 founded is the Hanze University of applied sciences the second-oldest institution of higher education in the region. The 23000 students spread over a total of 20 so-called schools (faculties). Titled turning ambition into success”trains managers and experts the University in the fields of business administration, communication, technology, social, sports and art.