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With 40,000 hour lifetime, this geared motor is unique on the market. CPM device therapy devices: the smooth-running gearbox PerforMax 42 moved reliably with the aim of optimum muscle building a motorized CPM device for knee and hip in terms of extension and flexion. The powerful planetary gear motor acts with supportive, that occurs a faster treatment success for the patient, significantly improving the joint mobility and reducing pain significantly. Drive/fixation of operating tables: maximum flexibility, ease of use and in particular the powerful power exhibit mobile operating tables in the operation process. Be with the angle gearbox EtCrowno 75 from Zeitlauf Antriebstechnik These high demands reliably implemented in everyday hospital. Powerful drive and reliable fixation device guarantee a table structure which comes with a high level of mobility and stability without flexibility shortfalls to the usage.

Uncompromising convincingly the Zeitlauf Antriebstechnik drive specialist today belongs to the leading technological companies with helical, planetary and angular gear units featuring the Crown wheel technology. In addition to a standard product range that is built up in a modular system, in particular the strong focus on customized solutions and individual developments in modern, energy-efficient aspects testifies to the high engineering competence. Based on a strongly application-oriented philosophy, these individual developments usually become industry-wide standards. The system provider has developed a number of innovative solutions in medical and rehabilitation technology for mechatronic drive systems: pump systems (dialysis technology, heparin – and hose pump) physiotherapy furniture (rehabilitation and) Training equipment) lift systems (patient, stairs and motor) bed, beds and seat adjustment systems (operating tables, dentist chairs) wheelchair systems (drives, auxiliary drives in wheelchairs) imaging diagnosis (CT) medical assistance devices (mixed for impression materials, sealing and foil welding equipment) absolute precision, reliability and energy efficiency are our top bids that we have in the development of our product focus. This is it true in all sectors in which we operate, to implement. But in medical technology even the smallest error can entail fatal consequences. Our customers rely on our high quality and long-term engineering expertise in medical technology.

As innovator, we can stretch the bow from the standard variant thanks to its own developments of basis of to customer-specific total solutions. While we are in constant dialogue with our customers. Just so we can perfect a transmission design tailored to the requirements develop”, says Managing Director Thomas Horz. For more information, see: