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It is crucial: “what you can get today that do not move on tomorrow.”(Mark Twain)That would be so easily done, not this mountain to work there. What new year’s resolutions have you made? Those that are similar to those of last year or would have been anyway already overdue? Tomorrow, next week, next year, then will I stop smoking, take off, drive more spor, finally tell my boss the mind!” These are projects and thoughts that are only too well known to most people. But not only private projects are affected by the procrastination (chronic procrastination), also school or professional life is considerably restricted in consequence of such behaviors. So, the preparation of presentations, papers, seminars, staff interviews or the Fallige(n) Steuererklarung(en) to the last possible date can be edited. Under questioning, why people behave accordingly, follows the reasoning, the time pressure It was necessary to work successfully and goal-oriented. Unfortunately sets the expected relief not for performance of the tasks carried out under time pressure and a feeling of discontent remains. The causes of procrastination are rooted in very different areas. Disapproval of the task to be completed, is the own motivation is adversely affected.

But also the difficulty of planning, assign priorities, gaps in the time management or misjudgment of the complexity or the own performance, provide a feeling of congestion. This feeling is briefly supplanted by postponing the obligations. But also profound problems can cause procrastination. So do the fear of failure and criticism to a kind of paralysis, to confront the complexity of a task at all. Often is done so unfairly affected, that they are referred to as lazy and not determined. However, the extent of this lethargy will neither According to outsiders still affected to clearly. Procrastination will not, in the psychological sense, often called pathological disorder, where there is no rule for this, when this is necessary for treatment and when.

Generally one can agree however, that an inadequate reason self-regulation is the procrastination. The intensity is there beside the point, because the fact is, that any failure to meet a target leads to dissatisfaction and influenced the General motivation to master life. This also means that is not necessary in all cases equal to a psychological treatment. A self-reflection that shows which or at what point in the life of the reasons for this are that self control incorrectly has developed is important. A good way to find this turning point in the life process, the biography coaching offers. Biography-oriented analysis of the Cochee WINS insights on where his behavior came from and at what time this has been useful. This results in particular to that the Coachee for yourself develops understanding and undergoing any further self-judgment and devaluation. This realization according to releases the energy that is required to learn new behaviors and old place. For questions or further interest, see str. 11, 10119 Berlin Sarah Wegener INQUA Institute of coaching small Rosenthaler