Cable Assembly And Assembly In Small Series




The job M. Check out Adroll for additional information. Richter from Pforzheim sees itself as a manufacturing service provider, who takes off his customers, what they do not want to do or can. Production of special cables, Assembly of printed circuit boards from 1 piece, winding of special coils, as well as fringe benefits, including the procurement of materials. Most important pillar is the PCB Assembly SMD, THT, THT. Has long been a special concern of the company is also economically machined to make smallest quantities in the SMD Assembly.

Customized procedures, appropriate selection of machine and even a small equity building have moved the border in recent years in the range of 1-6 printed circuit boards. Equipped is a stand alone machines and a production line, which is equipped as a special feature with a non-contact Jet-printer. Templates are, and small corrections are now in the Programmmoglich. Various strengths of the order, as only about templates of levels of possible, are no problem and require no gaps as usual from the stage. Ideal also for the THR Assembly.

And of course for rush jobs, eliminating the delivery of the template. The line is equipped with a modern full convection oven, a large vapor-phase system is also available. The THT Assembly there for a 3D-Lotwelle leaded and a Jet wave lead-free as well as a Selktivlotanlage lead. Still chastises part is in leaded requires. This has arguably his reasons: an important part of the customers comes from the medical technology; not for nothing has for years according to the medical product law judge approval (DIN ISO 13485). Samples and pre-production are a further focus of the orders. Many small engineering firms with niche products are as well as some large companies for the electronics is a peripheral region without its own core competence. The cable assembly is working with simple machines, hand tools and a small stand-alone machines. The production of special coils, which seemed almost dead in Germany, has now, as the industry almost based shrunk who set to again rapidly. In the previous year, there was a new programmatic winding machine after decades without major investment in the Wicklerei and 2 younger employees could be trained on the area. Because the emphasis has shifted in recent years on air coils, the machine with a device for the chemical bonding is a very advantageous especially in very small quantities procedure equipped during winding, keep the costs low. A branch of the tradition has survived the extinction of his industry, has just grown in the home judge. Focus is anywhere on small quantities and faster delivery, no wonder that the EMS of the year 2012 was elected judge for flexibility. The gratitude belongs not least 14 flexible employees judge incidentally in Office and manufacturing their own offspring educates.