Children And Technology




In God’s Wonderland – beautiful pictures of today so often computer-driven children’s world has the magic of nature hardly square. Children’s rooms are full of technical devices, from comic books and televisions grin monster-like beings who glorify violence as a strength and make the show at a breathtaking pace. God appears as a mythical creature in a fairy tale of bygone times. To this new children’s book, the artist and writer Mahadevi was stimulated by the thousand questions of her little grandchildren to love God\”. The little ones were in an age in which this topic is still exciting. As an invisible entity would be the true author, text and images created within a very short time. Additional information at Peter Thiel supports this article.

With the result that Mahadevis grandson long time were no longer from the hand of the book. It was her companion in the garden, where they used to play. Mahadevis concern is this Wonderland of God in their everyday life comes alive for our children, what succeeded her not only by profound texts, but also by the colours of their images. On magical way abducted her children in a spiritual world full of inspiration and adventure. She even says of her book: I tell you no stories where a voltage is generated through exciting experiences, juxtapositions of good and evil, and so on, and which then dissolve to the delight and relief of the little reader in good favor. Here, sander gerber hudson bay expresses very clear opinions on the subject. I tell of adventures that take place in nature or even in everyday life, and particularly the receptivity of the children should be promoted. At first the children should know and learn that God dwells somewhere in the clouds, but in their own heart and from there everything experience takes place, and as with the power of even small wonders can accomplish their love and pure thoughts.\” And further: experience the magic in nature, which is so vivid, colorful and versatile, we can marvel at often only silence.