Geipel Ceilings




Claimed lifetime ceilings of 25 years. To create a comfortable environment in the office, which will enhance productivity, create a good spatial acoustic conditions. Suspended ceilings Geipel, in this case are irreplaceable. Due to the high absorption coefficient, as well as the possibility of producing the perforation of any diameter and configuration cassettes acoustic liner, metal ceilings Geipel help create the necessary atmosphere in the room acoustics, noise reduction, improving sound perception of speech, as well as significantly improve the working environment. In rooms with indirect light, as well as offices, designed to work with computers, it is important to create adequate lighting, comfortable to the eye.

Ceilings Geipel efficiently reflect and scatter light, creating the most comfortable environment. Finally, returning to the top of the article, mention should be made about such an important parameter as a design office environment. With a wide choice of types of suspended ceilings, office can be made in various stylistic decisions. Tape and suspended ceilings may have to have perforations of different diameters and densities. Originally ceilings look cellular, consisting of panels with round, oval, square or hexagonal openings. When you create a unique look office, if desired, the panel can be composed, creating a layered structure.

The panels can be equipped with built-in ceiling lights, designed in the same design. Wide range of colors, and different geometric shapes of modules can realize any modern architectural solutions. One of the unique solutions of ceiling systems is "shtrekmetall design", allows you to create aesthetically pleasing ceiling of any complexity. The panels in the style of "shtrekmetall" ceiling give an extraordinary lightness and height. Visually expand the space in the office will allow the spectacular mirrored ceilings Geipel, made of anodized and polished to a perfect shine of aluminum. Mirrored ceilings can mimic the color of silver, copper and gold, so you can create a sense of place in this luxury. Thus, the design Geipel, not only possess such properties as the practicality, environmental friendliness, durability and safety, but also help create a unique, aesthetically pleasing interior. Suspended ceilings Geipel are ideal for the office of a modern company, which invests his money wisely and care for the comfort and safety of its employees.