Neutral Mind: the mind is intuitive, wise and balanced mind which is not involved, a witness who observes impartially. No sequence of thought will succeed until it achieves the status neutral and balanced. Mind it also represents service, humility and compassion. For more information see Celina Dubin. How the mind: The positive and negative minds must be in balance. When a thought arises, the subconscious mind is going to take it, the negative mind is going to evaluate it as a positive mind, this can create a balance so that we can discriminate that thought and then our neutral mind can act through intuition to guide us consciously made the right action to the impulse of thought. Physics professor contributes greatly to this topic. There are many individuals whose dominant negative mind or whose mind is weak positive, and vice versa, as well as emotions play an important role.

Fear, anxiety, anger, all those emotions are triggered, and according to the emotional subconscious process, or it will dominate the positive or the negative mind and that is when the imbalance arises. Given this imbalance and the inability of the Neutral Mind taking that thought and give us the answer intuitively, react and sometimes we succeed and sometimes not, and that’s part of the process is the wheel of Karma, is the inability to have the intuition and act consciously and avoid becoming a victim of unconscious action which brings back the Karma. Meditation Neutral cultivated mind, qualities which are: Wisdom, Be Witness (not involved), detachment, and no ego. Benefits of Meditation: The benefits of cultivating the mind and meditation are: Purification, access to higher laws, proper handling of problems, protection, wisdom, awareness, strength, greater control, patience, confidence, clarity, positive emotions, better attitude in life, healing power, personal and global peace. MEDITATE HOW?.

Meditation invites us to sit a certain time and without moving, usually with eyes closed, yes there is no training for this, we despair, we must keep us patience, you are advised to meditate after a Kriya (set of yoga exercises) for calm the body, many thoughts come just need to let that happen, for it is also helpful to meditate with a mantra (sound power) as it helps us to focus and calm the mind. Meditate daily is recommended at the same time, in a quiet, nice and clean, it is best to start with meditations of 11 mins.