Moscow Military District




In Moscow the fireworks to celebrate the 60 anniversary of Victory. In an artillery salute was involved about 4.5 thousand barrels. Among them were 63-year old gun 'ZIS-3' of the Great Patriotic War, which survived 18 pieces. As previously reported ria 'News' firing commander of a separate division of the Moscow Military District, Vyacheslav Paradnikov, many of these guns were fighting, some of them even survived the holes from shrapnel bombs and bullets. Fireworks 9 May 2005 was a record for the number and diversity of new species. Total Muscovites and guests of the city saw more than 40 different kinds of fireworks, five species more than in the past year.

Among them – the 'lights of victory' drop-down from the center of a different color, tricolor 'Zarnitsa' red 'volley Aurora', 'Astra-3', 'Pulsar', 'Apal', '', 'Corrida', 'Sunrise', 'Fairy Tale' and many other fireworks . For the first time a combination of fireworks on the main firing point Moscow – the Sparrow Hills – was calculated using a computer. 'The fact is that on the Sparrow Hills has been concentrated in Moscow, the largest number of guns (more than a thousand barrels) and technology. In general, management fireworks happened to Sparrow Hills' – said Paradnikov. He added that if the experience of computer simulation of fireworks will be declared successful in the future the computer can trust 'essay' salutes patterns for the whole of the capital. In Moscow fireworks launched from 31 points.

In addition to the Sparrow Hills, the instruments, in particular, were Oostanaula on Hill, Suvorov Square, Kursk station in Krylatskoe, vvc in Park, in Izmailovo, Perov, Olympic village. The first firing a volley was given at exactly 22:00. A total of 30 artillery rounds at intervals of 20 seconds. According to the approved capital the government order of the stations of Moscow Metro on May 9, after festive salute to the entrance of passengers will close 11 stations of Moscow Metro.