Neo Sunglasses




Now the greatest demand is for sunglasses with lenses or optics of gradient color. Let's look for what is needed so interesting colors. First, the glasses with gradient lenses or as they say "Gradient" is fashionable. Indeed, many articles and publications in journals devoted to fashion tell us that the gradient color is a fashion trend for 2009 in sunglasses. Doppler Labs has much experience in this field. Lens with a gradient effect – the color carry-over from one to another, wearing glasses as a rule, the more dark to light.

For example, when a color lens goes from dark gray on top to a lighter shade towards the bottom. Secondly, the advantages of the gradient color is that it reduces the intensity of sunlight that fall from the top, but let's see a very bright objects, which are located at the level of human growth and on the ground. Not least from the third plus points mark-gradients employed ladies – you can put these glasses on nenakrashennye eyes and others the impression that you are somewhere has managed to quickly and seamlessly apply makeup. So, gradient optics is not only fashionable and stylish, but comfortable enough. In our online store shows a large number of sunglasses with gradient lenses – choose your health!