Raised Tax Burden




The raised tax burden, difficulties in getting credits, technological delay and the raised taxes of interests, makes with that only 30% of the MPEs survive 5 years for more than (the Small ones, 2003). The pointed limitations are aggravated when these companies if find isolated in the market instead of being in nets of companies, mainly in what she says respect to the investment in knowledge. Some actions can be implemented aiming at to stimulate the MPEs in Brazil and consequently to place in practical one politics of development for the country: Politics of I stimulate the internal saving: The market is optimum instrument to use in search of the increase of the internal saving, that if converts into investments, generating production job and income; Reduction of the tax burden, the tax of interests and magnifying of the credit: The raised taxations and the high taxes of interests induce the informality and the fiscal tax evasion, intervening negative with the economy, reducing the effect income and the power of investments of the public sector. necessary to implant one credit policy, however becomes necessary that before if it reduces to the tax of interests, therefore the taxes of interests is almost always superior to the internal taxes of return, what it makes impracticable the access; To create strategies of local development: politics of local development strengthen the bonds between the agents, community and institutions, optimizing the processes, making possible the creation of better conditions for the production, preserving the local culture; Education and qualification: The MPEs normally absorbs a relative percentage of little qualified man power, however to remain itself in one competitive market, becomes essential the qualification in such a way or more than the demanded one in the great industry. Another peculiar point in what it says respect to the qualification, is the fact of that great part of the new entrepreneurs had not been enabled to this end, and, in the great majority of the cases if they had become for necessity, for having been of some form excluded of the work market. .