Samsung Mobile Camera Phone




The flagship of the Samsung Mobile Camera Phone with impressive features like fotoaparat, presented by the company as much in 2007, it was the Samsung G600. Competitors, there were only two brands: Nokia and Sony Ericsson. However, Samsung had its advantages, chief among them, high color transfer is generated imagery. Strong drawback was the quality of recorded video clips. Konchno, image quality did not reach such as those fotoaparatov, but even so, It was a big step in the mobile market for apparatus Samsung. Samsung G600 camera had the following characteristics and features: Sensor Resolution five megapixels, autofocus, image stabilization, powerful flash, resolution tailor photos on 1944 2592. The same apparatus, which has no small impression sozdovaemymi shots, it's not so long ago appeared Samsung M8800 Pixon. Pixon – which means that the device in a series of camera phones, this innovation of Samsung.

Camera Samsung Pixon M8800 – vosim Mpix, video recording clips 720 by 480 pixels at 30 frames in 1 / s! As well as recognition of persons, image stabilization, smile recognition. Importantly technology wdr – automatic adjustment of picture brightness. All these features have helped to get from a camera phone desired quality of images. A little after a while appeared Samsung GT-i8510, which was named best camera phone of two thousand and eight. The camera also 8 megapixels, also feature face detection and smile shooting, auto focus and dob Powerful flash, excellent Contrast and high quality of pictures taken. Akkamulyatorom still has high capacity, it is necessary not only for long-term work the camera, so it's useful for displays with large . On the market now has a new flagship: Samsung omnia hd, or simply i8910.

His stands out among camera phones, and all the technical innovations that feature video recording hsbc Dee video. I8910 – the world's first mobile phone with recording function hsbc Dee movies. Record video with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels at 24 fps. Among the already standard features of the camera is following 'chips': face recognition, smile and blink, as well as panoramic photography. omnia nd has a powerful led flash. Of course, it's not even close to all the mobiles that are worthy to get into the article, the article describes the best of the best phones fotoaparatov from samsung. We are waiting for new solutions, especially dostalnye producers, the ring did not come to heel Samsung, then go up.