Spanish Marketing




1. It is a total solution. Includes hardware, machines, equipment and devices, wiring, furniture, mounting, counseling and accompaniment. 2 Economy. Whether leasing, outsourcing or purchase, is the solution lowest price in the world market. 3 Efficiency.

Software solution is a suite with more than 600 tools for interactivity with customers, from sales and collections to research and CRM. 4 Amigababilidad and adaptability. Completely in Spanish and adapted to the Latin American market. Easy operation and customization. 5. Support and high quality service.

Our goal is your success. You have, from the outset, with a team of specialists that will help you in the strategic definition and mount campaigns. Our more than 25 years of experience in management and consulting in marketing and services, and our vast knowledge having organized and led four world congresses of CRM marketing, will be always at your disposal.