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Once I have this picture clear I analyze how to achieve that this flow of information operate properly and this should not necessarily involve major investments in computer programs or super sophisticated technology. This only so I can know when to understand that information, with that opportunity and who should use it so that you have to generate value in relationships with my clients. Therefore, factor technology and specifically, the issue of hardware and software, I should be concerned at the time have my other concerns resolved, these are: have a strategy to understand marketing, understanding my clients and what they really want in a business relationship. Having defined processes that allow me to interact with the client in a coherent and consistent, which allows me to enrich the relationship, create value for the customer, detect potential problems affecting in any way as my customer perceives the value that I give him and in general having clearly established all the elements that may affect the business relationship with the customer. No doubt that these processes are executed correctly I count with qualified personnel. This should take me to analyze charges, competencies, and how well the staff with whom I meet these characteristics. This should take me to define a picture of how I am today with the staff that story and what should I do to bring it to the State requiring the model of centralization on the client I. I define the plans of organization, training and motivation to achieve an appropriate commitment and the staff rapport with the customer-oriented processes.

Now, in these business processes the information certainly plays a key role, is at this moment that I initiate an analysis of how to handle the information. Elements such as amount of data, opportunity to capture and processing, integration between data and availability of information as raw material for the interaction with the client carried me making the decision that I have to do on this topic. My conclusion will surely be to begin an assessment of software tools, but I can only do it when you have clarity with the previous elements. What has happened on many occasions is that companies have believed that this issue of CRM is going to market to buy software, implement it and wait for magic .If there has not been a coherent process of creation of a customer-centric organization, won’t just buy CRM software has the solution.