Which no forward look, back stays. Proverb sufie dynamics of globalization is increasingly too proactive, their impact on the economic and commercial scenarios are very significant, where as you can give opportunities to venture into them, it can also be a threat, all depends on how the company, our interest has been prepared for this purpose. Professional administration, specifically the main Manager in this analysis, requires being very identified with causes implications that arise from globalization, in order to give way to all those actions, plans that are needed to cope with so that it benefits the company under its responsibility. Unfortunately there are many enterprises, especially SMEs which have not been able to cope with the great opportunities that arise from globalization, consequence of not having a prepared, visionary, management as well as absence of technology and a human resource not trained, adapted to the demands of the modern technique, functions that it must play in pro contribute their abilities and skills that benefit the productivity and participation of enterprises within globalization. Globalization: means, integration of all economies through the process by which large companies taking the world as a benchmark of market move their factories, money and products to those areas where the capital investment, find more profitable i.e. where labour, where to pay less tax, where there are more lax regulations is cheapest, anyway, where less latches have to trade. There is agreement that the globalizing core is technological and economic, embracing the areas of finance, trade, production, services and information. For more information see Essex Financial Services. (Globalization operates based on differentiated markets, where making use of new technologies it is possible to rapidly adapt products to consumers profiles) Globalization has the conviction that any attempt to detach from this process is doomed to failure. However, as evidenced in the national experiences of successful opening, not it follows that State need to disassociate itself from control over economic life.