Spa Hotel

The Park Hotel Stuttgart Messe-airport reached for his 2nd Grand Prix participation in 7th place in the category of “100 rooms and more”. The privately-run 4 * superior hotel is located in the heart of Echterdingen, just outside the State capital of Stuttgart. The s-Bahn station and the taxi stand right outside the front door provide excellent access to the Stuttgart Airport, Stuttgart trade fair and Stuttgart City Centre, so that the guests comfortably and quickly reach your goals. As seminar – and Conference Hotel Park Hotel Stuttgart Messe-airport is not only the ideal partner for meetings and events, but offers culinary highlights in the restaurant with show kitchen, and leisure travelers, beer in the own house brewery fresh real erdinger brewery”and relax in the spacious wellness & Spa. 220 design-oriented rooms in different categories are equipped with precious natural materials such as wood floors and have safe, minibar, TV with free Sky cinema channels, air conditioning and free wireless LAN. With his ecological concept proves the Park Hotel Stuttgart Messe-airport, that combine resource conservation and comfort.

The Parkhotel Pforzheim is a very good model for the Park Hotel Stuttgart Messe-airport. The partner hotel has managed this year 2nd in the same category. The Grand Prix of the range considered quality levels in the German meeting market. This year, around 15,000 meeting decision-makers, trainers and continuing trainers were called upon to choose up to ten hotels among the 200 listed Conference Hotels. The response rate was respectable 25.2 percent with 3742 submitted ballots.

The book forms the basis for the competition selected conference hotels for the well-being”and the online platform Who in the rows of the selected”wants to be accepted, must apply and undergo a multi-stage selection process that flows into the positive outcome in an author visit. The author reviews the well-being feeling criteria on the spot and finally decides on the acceptance. Defects are to determine the candidate is rejected. 2012 have 258 hotels gone through the selection process. 58 candidates could not meet the well-being feeling criteria and were therefore rejected. A total of 12 experienced specialist authors in use, which are responsible not just checking the well-being feeling criteria, but also the journalistic description of the visited homes were.

Freezing And Cooling Technology In The Hospitality Industry

Freezing and refrigeration in catering catering guests require fresh and good ingredients in their food. They should be stored cool and hygienically pure and also the drinks are intended to provide a cool drink for dinner. These coolers run 365 days a year around the clock, so restaurateurs on good quality should take combined with low fuel consumption. Prerequisite for a long life of the cooling equipment is a good quality and easy to maintain of the equipment. Therefore especially well suited stainless steel appliances.

You effectively save cold, are robust and easy to clean. Restaurateur be sure continue on new equipment with a low energy efficiency class as old appliances can be a really big cost trap. For example, icy drawers increase the energy consumption. New devices have a no. Frost function. The newly developed cooling devices ensure a long-lasting cooling of food, less food to spoil and thus disposed of less food need to be.It saves some trips to the market or grocery store.

Seen over a long period of time, it saves a lot of money. Different cooling devices play an important role in various areas of gastronomy. Many restaurants use especially at lunchtime on lunch buffets and salad buffets. For this purpose, the right cooling is especially important because the food and dishes for a long period of time in the guest area. Cooling buffets, refrigerated display cases and refrigerated cabinets play a large role here. A hygienic storage is particularly important because many guests on the foods themselves. Due to constant opening and closing of doors and drawers, an effective cooling with good sealing is important so that no bacteria or viruses to the food set. Many restaurants offer nowadays also show cooking, or the possibility that are guests that raw foods to choose and they are prepared before their eyes. When these concepts a good cooling is especially important, since is often raw fish and raw meat on the buffet. In fast-food restaurants are for example Saladettes and document stations often in use. They also have cool throughout the day and the food look attractive. Bakeries, however, is working with milk and egg. These foods are easily perishable. Therefore, cakes and pies in cake racks, as well as in refrigerated counters should be cooled to make no bacteria stove. Cakes and pies can easily melt even with too much heat and then not more appetizing look. If not a customer buys those cakes they must be discarded. Therefore store it inherently cool cakes, so that they can make a delicious addition to the coffee throughout the day. In bars and pubs, beverage cooling plays the largest role. Here, wine and beer in matching wine refrigerators and keg coolers must be stored. Wine can easily tilt and beer can be quickly scarf. In all catering areas, the freezing and refrigeration plays particularly behind the scenes a big role. Here the food and drinks really a stored long term. Freezers, freezers and refrigerators are the storage place. These devices are permanently in use and should be regularly maintained and cleaned. Cheap refrigerators with a top quality and a low energy efficiency class can be found these days on the Internet. The Gastroplus24 is an online shop for catering supplies. There are a wide range of stainless steel appliances, which are really cheap, as well as ensure a long service life. Therefore, nothing more in the way is an effective cooling in the gastronomy!