ESF Gestantes

The group facilitated to the contact and the exchange of experiences for individuals that are living deeply a specific moment of the phase of the life, what it made possible to become them resilientes. Before giving beginning to the activities of group we carry through some modifications in the routine of the attendance of the unit and, in this manner, we produce an agenda of flexible attendance and with priority, guarantee of encaminhamentos through flowchart, medical consultation and of in agreement nursing the degree of gestacional risk, medications and vaccination, searchs active of faulty gestantes through books of registers and accompaniment of communitarian agents of health, territorializao, among others. Peter Thiel has much to offer in this field. The implemented changes had had the objective to reorganize the assistance to the health of the mother and baby and consequentemente to become accessible the gestantes the accomplishment of programmed consultations, to guarantee the accomplishment of the examinations of prenatal with integral accompaniment and creation of bond enters the unit of health and the customers. The planning and programming of the activities of group next to the health team had gone off an internal movement for the production of the education in health searching a direct relation on the especificidades lease – regional. Thus we appealed to one 9 strategical planning that it searched to supply the necessities of health brought by the participants, what it contributed to accomplish the ESF of Anibal as primordial reference of the gestantes registered in cadastre in the adscrita area. A significant reduction was perceivable it looks for the unit of health of ambulatorial attendance of the city, portraied for the frequency assdua of the consultations of prenatal and the group of gestante. It was also noticed on the part of the professionals and the participants of the group a bigger search for the ESF of the Anbal. In such a way, we strengthen the bond with the gestantes and the practical one of the shelter, therefore we had a bigger contact with the group perceiving its individual necessities. .

Members Attention

In this context to provide palliative cares in familiar environment if becomes something extremely painful, however dignificante, a time that propitiates to these patients/customers to pass the final moments of its life to the side of the family, surrounded for its wanted beings, being attended of integral form. (BRAZIL, 2001, p.11). Thus being, the palliative care the patient terminals requires a multiprofessional boarding that contemplates the patient and family, on the part of the rendering of this service, this includes medical attention and of nursing, social, emotional support, orientation and attention spiritual. Under this aspect the professionals who act in palliative cares must stand out the life, encourage the hope and help its patients to use to advantage optimum of each day, must undisputedly treat the patient with respect, accept it, recognize its right to the privacy and confidencialidade, beyond answering to its individual necessities of considerate form. Moyano (1998, P. 245 – 248), cites the necessary requirements for the accomplishment of this type of domiciliria assistance: Integral attention carried through by one has equipped to multidiscipline, materialize through the control of physical and psychic, well-taken care of symptoms of nursing, covering of the social necessities and spirituals; attention during twenty and four hours day, seven days per week; permanent contact with the services of primary attention; open system of communication and fluente enters the integrant ones of the team to multidiscipline, unit of palliative cares domicilirio, primary attention, hospital attention, family and patient; the admission in the program must simply be carried through in units of hospital palliative cares or in the hospital institution with people especially prepared for this type of attendance; planning of the cares, delimitation of the objectives and evaluation of the physical and psychological resources of the family; education of the family; training and/or potencializao of the personal resources, through the psychologist; visits carried through for the members of the team with the necessary frequency, according to necessities and conditions of the patient and the family; a fast media is essential as the telephone.