Work On The Internet




I have been working on the internet from home now since 2001, when I quit my job highly paying change country and live with the girl of my dreams. At the beginning I didn’t know really what was what had to be done and actually began as a hobby. And when the director slaes for a sale of hotel reservations web site called me in January 2002 and requested me to put ad ads on my web site in exchange for pay me a small Commission on sales of visitors that I mentioned I thought not much in it. However, when I phoned the following month and told me that I had done 4 sales I was delighted! Moreover, at that moment I knew that it would be able to earn a living working online at home. In those days, getting a web site to rank well in Google was relatively easy sites, there is much less to compete against.

However, these days that definitely has to follow a system to be able to identify markets where you can get traffic. The system is relatively simple and is as follows: 1. think of some interesting markets don’t begin by creating a web site. 2 Discover which keywords people in those markets are using to search for on Google. 3 Measure the number of web pages that compete for each keyword 4. Judging the strength of competition 5.

Create a web site with optimized content keyword 6. Get links to your web site from other web sites 7. Measure your ranking in Google and the amount of traffic there is, the entire process in just 7 steps. To spend a bit of time and effort that will be able to identify some markets with relatively low competition, create a web site and start getting traffic.