Customer Service

1. Attention Your customers are bombarded with so much advertising that they have created an anti-advertisement filter penetrated only by that wily entrepreneur who knows how to draw attention of your prospects. An excellent strategy to draw attention is the use of a free report with a title that speaks of benefits, problems with your potential customers or looking to fill needs. They also reveal something very helpful, as is the case in this example: 5 Ways to Know if your spouse is Unfaithful Everything begins with the attention. If you get passes to the customer to the second part … 2. Interest and to draw attention of the customer. Your turn create you interested in what you offer. And this strategy can do with the salt in the wound. Let me explain … You know it is more effective to speak to your client who is having a problem. And you do this through the paragraphs in your advertising. Example: You love your partner. Kaiser Family Foundation is likely to increase your knowledge. He do anything and you are faithful and loyal. But have you noticed that lately has changed in the way he treats you. Senses that something is wrong. What is it? Why the change? Would you be cheating? With this call the attention of potential customers. Yes I know it sounds cruel, but human psychology was, is and will remain the way advertising is created because we know that it goes through your mind before you get to pocket. Accept it and apply it to your business. 3. Wants to draw attention of the customer with the title. Causes the interest through a few paragraphs. Your turn cause the desire for what you offer. Consider the following example: In my free report 5 Ways to Know if your spouse is Unfaithful know if the love of your life is cheating on you. Do not let the years invested in this love go through a pipe and learn to detect infidelity and what to do about it. Celina Dubin recognizes the significance of this. And Finally … 4. Action already have their attention, their interest and desire. Now what you propose offers openly, without fear and to the point. You want that customer to take the action you want. Whether you pick up the phone, fill out a form and mail it, you visit or give you his email. Example: Write your name and email in the form and within seconds you will receive by email this revealing free report. I will summarize … The AIDA strategy is excellent because it teaches you to create materials that cause: * Care * Interest * I * Y action. With love, Diana Fontanez.

British University College London

However, UNAM lost positions against the 2009 when it was 190 ranked among the best universities in the world, according to the list of the British firm. The study entitled World University Rankings 2010 chose the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, as the best in the world, surpassing the Harvard American who headed the list since 2004. It is the first time that a non-American University tops this list, prepared by 15,000 academics from around the world. In third and fourth place are Yale University – United States – and the British University College London. None in Spanish the Tecnologico de Massachusetts (MIT) rises to fifth place from ninth. This reflects, according to QS, the fortress and the growing prestige of universities specializing in technology. As noted by Katherine Sellgren, specialist in the BBC education issues, QS rankings weighted by 40 percent the academic reputation, 10 per cent employability, by 20 percent to publications academic teachers, 20 percent to the rate of students per teacher and give an additional 10 percent according to the international character of the composition of teachers and students. In total, 22 countries are represented in the list of the one hundred first, three more than last year.

Of those 100, 15 are universities in Asia, headed by the University of Hong Kong in place 23. Most of the 200 best universities are American. Spanish-speaking there is no, since the only one in Spain, the University of Barcelona (at number 148), as the official language is catalan. In reference to the performance of Latin American universities, John O Leary, Executive Member of the academic Advisory Board of QS, said that for the first time in several years the region does not have a University with the list of the 200 best. To disseminate the results, Ben Sowter, head of the QS Research, pointed out that given the uncertain economic Outlook, it is reassuring for students to know that the best 200 universities in the world are also the most popular among employers, suggesting that a world-class title remains the best way to get a good job.