Have Faith and Grow

Never forget to have faith in God, cling to Him, trust allows for a better future, it helps to feel that anything is possible, hand in hand with faith is the hope, to dispel the doubt, give rise to positivism, joy , trust and love. Love becomes the most precious gift of life, is generous, cares, gives meaning to life, family and friends. Never underestimate the feelings and ideas of others, put aside what is felt or thought, keep in mind what is good and important to cultivate the dreams, strive to meet. Happiness lies not in his neck suffered, is based on the ability to overcome adversity, to find the positive in pain, to give value to life in the midst of death. Personal success, the merit lies in achieving things in an honest manner without fear of the difficulty, of deception or loneliness. The samples life journeys often misunderstood, it is necessary to take the time to know them, analyze them and learn from them. Give value to things, people and situations. Making the world a better place, contribute to the happiness and family stability, contribute to the growth of our society, neighborhood and labor groups.

Remember the little things that ennoble life, details that feed the soul and enrich the spirit, recognizing the true meaning of life and the value of those around us, to finally understand why instead of just living life, without a reason or a horizon that guides our actions, our feelings and our passage through life. Not waste life in vain, we appreciate the good things and not so good, the people we have on our side and we have lost all, thermos something new and good to learn. Recognize the capabilities and achievements of others, they too have a right to be recognized for their efforts, we envy aside, this only leads to loneliness and bitterness. Maritza Rocio Lopez, a psychologist, columnist for Diario del Huila, a person interested in promoting healthy lifestyles, respect for human dignity, values, family and strengthening the bond between parents and children.