Duplicating Productivity

All the people have the same amount of daily hours to realise their activities. Nevertheless, it would seem that there are men and women who in their 24 hours, do much more that other colleagues. If you are interested in dominating your time and to administer better to the minutes with which accounts, first that you must do she is to analyze the form in which you are using your time at the moment. Thus you will be able to detect the main enemies of your time and to attack them of the most accurate form. In order to analyze the use of your time, the following points ten account: You do a registry detailed of the use that him DAS to your time at the moment. It analyzes your registry and it marks with a color all the activities related to the work; and with another color those that have relation with your personal life.

In one it places the activities that must be done in a specific schedule, and in the other pon the tasks that can at any time be carried out. It decides which of all the tasks that you wrote are wasteful of time, which you can control and which no.? It thinks different solutions and strategies to improve the use that beams of your time and to increase your productivity. After taking to one week doing this exercise, you will have detected the majority of your weaknesses and what activities uselessly consume your time, your energy and obvious, your money. To make the registry of daily tasks of time in time and to analyze it of to this will be used you form for not desviarte as your way. Learn more on the subject from incyte. Of this form, you will in time reject the activities that do not have any utility for you and who moves away to you of your goals. In order to organize better your tasks it applies the following recommendations: Bsate on your plan of businesses and your priorities to plan your agenda and your lstas of tasks. In your agenda, it writes the first tasks that must be realised in a specific schedule. Mantn your place of clean and ordered work.

It tries to close have boxes with the things that you use more frequently, not to have to look for them you need when them. It delegates tasks that do not depend exclusively on you. You do not commit yourself with more projects of those than really you can take ahead efficiently. It looks for the moment of the day in which you are more productive, and it tries to make the most important or more complex tasks in that schedule. It divides the complex tasks in other activities simple and easy to complete. It always looks for the form to improve each thing that beams. When you have your daily agenda, or your list of tasks, these will be the tools that you will have to consult as soon as you rise. It remembers that the time is a tool, and the form in you use which it will directly affect the success of your business. When you have your list of spendthrifts of the time, I would like you write that them in the commentaries, thus I will be able ayudarte to find a specific solution for each of them.