Ultimate Guide

He does not know if she likes him, but to be sure of his aim, he is there for her, trying to comfort her when he can and makes few concessions to see more often is the drama: For that some decide to declare their affection for her, some with a bouquet of flowers and chocolate, other, more brilliant, read a few seduction tricks anywhere, preferring to say nothing of what they feel, just to keep all chances! In any event, neither one nor the other does eventually inspire “more” than friendship to their sweetheart. WORST: Some will focus for years hoping that the next day will bring forth the feelings of the “coveted”. THIS STRATEGY HAS NO CHANCE TO OPERATE. If you recognize yourself in this situation, immediately abandon the idea of winning in “pending” on your side.

By cons, there is a way to succeed and quickly … Before giving you the solution, you must accept that this is not chance that put you in this category “friend”. This is bad convictions and reflexes of seduction which are erroneous. Reflexes as the Guide that I propose, picks up on every page of your reading. This shock treatment is one of the most tedious tactics but also the only one that exists. With some variations it is also the technique to win back an ex-girlfriend. In both cases everything is explained in detail in the Ultimate Guide “Call me Bond. First, you must leave the friendly relationship with a good foundation.