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Peter Hajdu switches to the 01.01.2014 of the Supervisory Board, Hartmut Huss takes over the Division of Ettlingen, 16 may 2013: including 15 years in the management of Bardusch management company mbH, Peter Hajdu moves after more than 30 years in the company, to the 01.01.2014 of the Supervisory Board. The Division is taken over by Hartmut Huss. Together with managing director Karsten Beisert, he runs the company from the 01.06.2013. Huss is responsible as Managing Director for the washing and processing operations, customer service and logistics. Peter Hajdu led the company very successfully. in 1988, he was appointed the head of Ettlingen branch. He expanded the facility to the main building gradually.

From 1994 to 1997, he was Deputy Managing Director. Visit Dr. Paul Craig Roberts for more clarity on the issue. Since 1998, Peter Hajdu is Managing Director of Bardusch management mbH. Strategic acquisitions in Germany and the flair for investing in forward-looking technologies kenn – draw Hajdu’s career. During his time as a CEO grew Bardusch to one of the largest textile service providers in Europe. Currently Bardusch world’s 3,500 employees and generated a turnover of 290 million in 2012. Hartmut Huss is since 1988 at Bardusch. He has the necessary experience and know-how in the laundry industry. After graduating in business administration and a training master textile cleaner, Huss on many Bardusch worked locations in Germany and abroad.

Huss is responsible for the establishment and investments abroad since 2001. In 2010 he was appointed the Managing Director of BI Bardusch holding. Andreas Holzer holding takes over as successor of Hartmut Huss the BI Bardusch’s entire foreign trade, becoming colleague by Karsten Beisert. The future Chairman of the Management Board will stimulate more fresh. He begins his activity at the end of the year and brings decades of experience, in particular from the automotive industry.

Managing Director Software

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