Tiergarten Park




Berlin is a great European capital, ideal for the family holiday. The German capital offers a broad range to meet the needs and desires of the younger members of the House: special programmes in cinemas, theatres, museums, unforgettable walks on foot or by boat can you think best way to keep the little ones entertained? If what you want is to share a cultural and fun experience with your children, will have to take them to any of the 170 museums specifically designed for them: for example, the Museum of technology, where there is a large Royal airplane and 14 rooms with engines, locomotives, aircraft, boats, etc; Another option is to take the Natural Museum that, among other things, has a room dedicated to dinosaurs. After so much learning, why not delve into the world of living beings? The AquDom is the largest aquarium in the world. There your children may know local seabed and spot some that another shark. Then a visit to the Berlin Zoo, the largest in Germany would be perfect and that It has more species. Offer two hilarious options for rainy days: for starters, a film in 3-D format will delight toddlers. You can then get close to the covered theme park Legoland.

It is a park built with 1.5 million pieces of lego, where children may ride in kart made by themselves or enjoy a miniature of the city of Berlin made of Lego. Both the film and Legoland is find in the Potsdamer Plazt. After so many hours on foot, the kids will want to rest awhile so therefore, all aboard! A boat trip is the best option to know Berlin sitting comfortably. You can not miss the famous Tiergarten Park, the largest city and one of his lungs. There your children can run and play freely, while you relax, explore their more than 600 acres or a delicious coffee. What are you waiting for? Runs for your tickets and take your whole family to the German capital. Rent apartments in Berlin to enjoy a perfect vacation.