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The same it offers support, only, for the Windows Server 2008, Seen Windows and posterior versions. The habititao of the LLMNR in the Seen Windows is carried through by means of the Network Discovery (Discovery of Net), a resource that can be activated in the central office of net and sharing of the operational system. (Mackin; Northrup, 2009). In this in case that, you can only activate the LLMNR for a sector of the net company creating a group multicast. In case that some non-availability in server DNS happens the computers that are with the activated protocol continue to decide names by means of the table of mapping of the service. 5. DIFFERENCE OF USE BETWEEN PROTOCOL NETBIOS AND PROTOCOL LLMNR Mackin and Northrup (2009), one of the main advantages of protocol LLMNR is that it is compatible with the Ipv6 protocol. The second advantage mentions the use to it of the process of resolution of names multicast.

Already the Netbios uses the process of ' ' broadcast' ' , diffusion, where all the computers of the net receive the message. To exemplificar the situation above, in the scene where the use of protocol LLMNR in a specific sector of a company was activated, case server DNS of the net is unavailable only the computers customers would go to hear the consultation of names of other computers. If he was used Netbios, all the microns of the net would go to hear the consultation, as it says Mackin and Northrup (2009) if to observe the traffic in a Netbios net, you will see that it is ' ' rudosa' ' e, which had to the information that it transmits, is not particulamente insurance. In if treating to disadvantage, protocol LLMNR does not decide names of computers twirling the Windows Server 2003, Windows XP or any another previous version. Mackin and Northrup (2009) consist that in the practical one, the LLMNR does not qualify the conectividade with customers in a net Windows exclusively Ipv4.