Yoga, Reiki And Cleansing Of The Body




Russian scientist, Verischaginu KS, an inventor in the field of nanotechnology, it was possible to devise and put into practice what the world of science so far known only in theory. Namely, the way the huge concentration of energy and information from the physical vacuum in the water, whose effects on the human body is an unprecedented level of efficiency. Energy of physical vacuum (also known as bio-energy, mental energy, energy, space, zero-point energy of the ether, in yoga – prana, chi, life energy) – the energy, which lives at the expense of all life and the universe exists, the availability of which depends on the quality and duration of human life. All Oriental exercises and techniques to improve the health of man is based on increasing energy, which is the foundation of human physiology. Everyone knows that people who seriously practice yoga, do not get sick and live a very long time. But few asks himself the question – why? Yoga teaches us many things, but one of the main principles and results of a yoga technique, concentration and distribution of energy in the physical and subtle energy bodies that surround the man with the aid of his consciousness, the chakras. The chakras – the seven energy centers of the etheric body along the spinal column.

Each of the seven chakras has a color and a form of energy, each of which we use depending on the intentions, moods and situations. The main energy that has passed through the main energy channels, chakras and then transformed, in yoga is called 'prana', it – the energy of physical vacuum, the lack of which we all the time complaining. That's it, and 'absorb' yoga, thereby increasing its bio-energy potential, and the body decides for himself the problems of health at the expense of energy, which is a source of nutrition for the immune and nervous systems, for metabolism, regeneration and cell activity, blood vessels, tissues, organs, systems and functions. The more regular and bigger in person passes through a power, the more the work of all systems, processes, functions, the slower the aging process, there is a full and natural cleansing of the body of toxins. Something similar exists in the modern ways to manage energy – Reiki, DEIR, Qi Gong, etc. C Energy drops Verischagina invention, it was possible to raise its energy to an exceptional level of energy to achieve the highest status (and hence the level of health and quality of life) and result, repeatedly exceeding even the most serious training techniques Reiki, practitioners of Ayurveda and qigong, while living everyday lives of ordinary people. Details on