Michael Gerber

Do you have a business or simply a chamba? Michael Gerber is a business consultant who has left a profound impact with its comments about SMEs. In particular, as you can see and what is the role of business owner. Brad Pitts opinions are not widely known. Gerber says that people gets into the business for wrong reasons. The error is that they are skilled technicians who are very good to supplying to the customer that the business has and therefore believe that they can leave their job and earn more money doing them if same. It is what Gerber calls a businessman attack when technician leaves his job and opens his own business. These technicians are convinced that you will find more freedom in your business working for others, but discover their own business they found in work harder in the world, because there is no escape. They are those who are doing the job. ! Business, and they are the same thing!! But if they themselves have become the business, then they created not one, but created its own chamba.

That is they are used auto. According to Gerber, the role of the owner of the business is very different. The owner should create a business that operates independent of he or she. In this case, the business aims to operate without the owner work inside of the. At that time, the business owner can choose to sell it or not, since at that moment you will have a source of income from passive of a machine to make money. Also when the business reaches this level, the model of a place can replicate to another. The model by which should make the effort is as a turnkey franchise McDonalds-style. Its creator, Ray Kroc, established a uniform business that supplied to the customer, always consistent repetitive experience. This is accomplished through systems tested, documented and well detailed.

Clean Windows

If the rest of the room has light colors, your key pieces may be colors forts (red or yellow) to draw attention or give a room some energy. Simple window coverings. Clean Windows or curtains simple and solid color, wood blinds are good. Too ornate things in the window is disorder. Simple designs.

Colors are solid are best for covering floors (if they exist), furniture, etc. Complex, like flowers and cuadraditos designs create a visual clutter. Dim colors. As mentioned the Council 9 above, you can have a bit of intense colors in the room, but most of the room must be color faint or soft white is classic minimalist, but in reality any solid color that does not stress the eyes okay (earth colors occur to me as blue, Brown, green and tanned). Edit and delete. When you’ve simplified a quarter, you can always do more.

Dale a couple of days, then check everything again with a fresh perspective. You can delete? Have stored out of sight? That is not essential and that is of more? You can return to each of the rooms several times for several months, and some times you will discover things that you can simplify even more. A place for everything. In a minimalist home, it is very important that you find, appointed and remember the site everything. Where does the Blender? Gives you a site, and keep it. It always aims at practical and logical sites. The key to this is that you must have your designated site. Sit relax and enjoy. Once you’ve simplified a quarter, tomato a moment looks to your around and enjoy. It is so peaceful and satisfactory. This is the reward for all your hard work. Ahhhh. precious!