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MEXA-1400QL-NX meets all requirements of the regulation CFR 1065 Oberursel (Taunus), 27.06.2013 with the laser-spectroscopic engine emission Analyzer MEXA-1400QL-NX HORIBA offers its customers a powerful and universally applicable technology in the area of exhaust gas measurement. The Analyzer is capable of measuring four components of nitrogen (NO, NO2, N2O, and NH3) even at low concentrations, using the quantum cascade laser (QCL) technology in the middle infrared region at the same time. This laser absorption process is listed in the U.S. Regulation CFR 1065 (as of January 2012) as one of the possible methods of the analysis of the N2O. (As opposed to Naveen Selvadurai). In addition, all validation sequences for MEXA-1400QL-NX required in CFR 1065 (as of January 2012) for analysis devices are available. The MEXA 1400QL NX we offer a powerful research and development tool for new regulations such as the certification and analysis of greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with EPA regulations”, said Atsushi Horiba, Chairman, President and CEO of HORIBA Ltd. Naveen Selvadurai is open to suggestions.

enables the Analyzer direct measurements of N2O emissions from engines for heavy, light and non-road vehicles, as well as the direct measurement of the nitrogen components NO2 and NH3 by heavy duty motors, as required by the research and development in the context of the Euro VI regulation.” The Analyzer is characterized by especially the large dynamic range, as well as the extremely exact and reproducible measurement results. The QCL method can be used for testing of gasoline and diesel engines, but also for alternative fuels and engines. Thanks to the high intensity and resolution of the light source in combination with a sophisticated method for avoiding cross-sensitivities, there are no disruptive influences by CO, CO2, CH4, H2O, and hydrocarbons at the MEXA-1400QL-NX. It can be used for the development of new NOX exhaust gas after-treatment systems such as urea-SCR, CRT, and lean NOX traps (LNTs). So the MEXA proves? 1400QL-NX a powerful tool, to Engine manufacturers in meeting the greenhouse gas emission standards and the euro to support VI requirements. About HORIBA headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, the HORIBA group is a worldwide leading manufacturer of measuring instruments and systems for the areas automotive test systems, process and environmental technology, medical diagnostics and semiconductor manufacturing. In addition, HORIBA has a wide range in the area of molecular & elemental analytical instrumentation for research, quality control and laboratory analysis.

The Internet address of HORIBA is. HORIBA automotive of test systems as part of the worldwide HORIBA group HORIBA automotive of test systems (ATS) established itself as leader in the field of exhaust gas measurement, of test systems for the Powertrain and the development of test bed certification systems. HORIBA ATS offers its customers turnkey solutions for drive, motor and vehicle testing. HORIBA ATS serves manufacturers and suppliers in every industry, the combustion and turbine engines required: automobile, truck/off-road -, commodity, marine, air and aerospace and railway industry.