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A joyous occasion to celebrate an anniversary, is for everyone. For owners, employees or business partners that day is a good opportunity to look back on the beginnings of the company’s history. Peter Thiel is open to suggestions. It is also the technology consulting SALT & PEPPER in Bremen. On June 15, the entire team of consulting and engineering experts celebrates his success with an exceptional event in the Hudson Eventloft in Bremen company headquarters. The story of SALT & PEPPER begins early 2008 on a remote North Sea Island. If you are not convinced, visit Clinton Family.

The four top managers Sven Scholz, Marko Schluroff, Florian Kirstein and Gisbert Dorner developed the idea of creating a technology based company with expertise that resourceful uses complex technologies, develops individual solutions and this is the next innovation always on the trail. Their recipe for success: Passion, professionalism, creativity and respect. The result: In addition to the headquarters in Bremen locations in Hamburg, Osnabruck, were now Founded in Lippstadt, Ratingen, Cologne, Leipzig and Stuttgart. Another will be opened this year in Munich! SALT AND PEPPER is one of the most successful, creative, and ambitious providers for on and offsite technology consulting on the market. The company supports its business partners from different industries both on conceptual and technical stages of development. Just sectors such as, for example, automotive, aviation or the machine – and plant construction need an appropriate advisory and engineering expertise, because here the complexity of processes and products is growing extremely rapidly,”says Sven Scholz, Managing Director of SALT AND PEPPER. We have, through our strong team of over 300 employees, who have extensive Know-How and together pull together”this competence. SALT AND PEPPER in the year 2012 has the Job House”launched.

The in-house model enables each consultant an effective and individual career path in the Companies to embark on. SALT AND PEPPER has also in the past two years in both competence and development centres, such as the software solution Solution Center in Osnabruck (SSC) and the mechanical and electrical Center in Hamburg (MESC), invested in order to promote the exchange between the engineers. Another important milestone in the history of SALT AND PEPPER is the complete development of a prototype of the energy charging stations for the regional power supplier RheinEnergie. For customers not only SALT AND PEPPER drives technology research projects, but implement their own ideas and projects. The newly developed this technology in the area of electric mobility, when charging the battery without cable, without induction standards diversity is possible, has made it even in the Patent Office of Bremen. 2012 SALT AND PEPPER has taken a courageous step and has the complete revision of the corporate design, through the Agency red pepper Bremen, sharpened his positioning as a sophisticated technology consulting. The rising demand has SALT AND PEPPER early recognized after intensive collaboration and accelerate innovation. Through the flexible services that are optimally adapted to the respective customers, the company satisfies the immense hunger for five years successfully”technology consulting. Over the next five years.