AV-8B Harrier II




The first AV-8B Harrier II was commonly known as the diurnal variation of attack and not remain in service. Most were upgraded to the Harrier II Plus version or variant of night attack (Night Attack Harrier) that is used but also begins to be withdrawn. 174 units were manufactured, which later became 72 Harrier II Plus.
Variant or Night Attack Night Attack Harrier appeared in 1991 and was equipped with an infrared camera to search front (NAVFLIR). The cabin had also been updated, including the ability to use night vision goggles. Also equipped with a new engine Rolls-Royce Pegasus II more powerful. 61 units were manufactured.
The Harrier II Plus (AV-8B) is very similar to the Night Attack variant, with the addition of an APG-65 radar (the same used for the first F/A-18 Hornet) and an elongated snout and the ability to use advanced missiles like the AIM-120 AMRAAM. Are used by Spain (12 units), United States and Italy (16 units).

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