It is well known that technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and as a consequence have appeared new phones phones with features and different applications. The principle in question of communications as cell phone users started with technologies TDMA, CDMA, GSM and lately has been us reaching the EDGE technology which is already possible internet access and be able to browse WAP pages and WEB pages, depending on the device mobile is having. However, progress continues and arrives UMTS (universal mobile telecommunications system) technology, with lime is can attain speeds of transfer packet data at a speed of approximately of 1044 Kb which allows us access to new services such as the video calling is not another thing that power in our phone screen to the person with whom we are talking. The video call in addition to us look as we speak, has other applications such as the power guiding a person to remotely via the explanation of a graph, give explanations to a driver who is stranded on the road with his car on the device that can be faulty, a rancher can send a worker to his farm and this from your third generation cellular can tell details of how their animals will if they grow, if there really is the amount that the Butler mentioned you, finally all possible applications that we can imagine. So is task of each one of us update us and let us know how we can take advantage of these advances and how can we apply them to our business or our occupations to get better yields. This article was written by Mr.