GPS Naviation System




" And it can be done almost immediately, at the time of deviation from the route and the passage of time – the entire history of displacement is stored in the database. If the system GPS-navigation equipped logistics module, then it is able to optimize the regular routes in terms of minimum total mileage and time of delivery. The fight against fuel theft. The system of GPS-navigation can be connected regular or special sensors in fuel consumption and get detailed information about actual fuel use, location, time and volume of gas stations and sinks. This information is presented in the form of summary reports and easily allows you to identify virtually all known schemes theft, ranging from the banal to the sophisticated drainage options collusion with the staff of gas stations.

Further analysis of fuel consumption during the motion reveals Facts filling low-quality fuel and take appropriate action. Transport logistics. If you are in conveying goods and you have more than a dozen addresses of customers, the question of choosing the optimal route and distribution of tasks between drivers is no longer simple. If you do not give it due consideration, the cargo will be delivered at least not on time, and at best not go there. And this is again the nerves, the financial costs, loss clientele. In the market there are now solutions that allow us to approach the problem of route optimization from a scientific point of view. But almost all of them suffer a significant drawback: they lack connection with the real location of the vehicle.