We Are All Part Of A Single System




We live in an interesting times. The world is changing with kaleidoscopic rapidity. And today, when we were flooded with another wave of daily information flow, sometimes difficult to grasp the causes and patterns events. If one were to attempt to trace some general trends, you’ll find two mutually exclusive things. On the one hand – this is the globalization of world systems, ie, dependence of each from any and all of each. On the other – it attempts to separate people independently and without regard for the interests of others to solve their problems.

If we consider the order of things at the level of the laws of nature, we can see that the normal activity some kind of system is achieved by combining all its parts into a single mechanism. As an example, consider the simplest principle of operation of electrical systems. It is known that the distribution of electric current can be place only in a system where all its elements are connected in a closed circuit. Whatever we use in electrical systems, the best and quality tools to turn ordinary pieces of iron and are completely useless if some unimportant switch or relay for some reason does not close contacts. If there is no contact, no power plant supplies energy to the city, paralyzing the work of other dependent systems, and plunging into the darkness of entire neighborhoods. Similarly, one can see the world as an external system with which it is not connected, and it does not transfer energy to it. But if he starts to feel a part of the system, not something external, understand how independent of all others, then it opens a completely different world. At the same moment he realizes that all of its own, but they are still not subject to him.

Like his own children, whom he feels like an integral part of themselves, but they did not listen and do not want to be with him. He seemed to deliberately give the impression that they are separated from it, as strangers. After all, if people initially perceive the world as himself – he would not have been able to fix it. It is because of what it feels like other outsiders, and all shared the distance, he can easily correct their attitude. If he felt the parts inside, it would be so horrible and sad that he could not even touch them. All of this illusion that ‘they are separated from me and others’, is for the benefit of spiritual renewal. But in reality, it is his own, inseparable parts. It remains only to bring them back to yourself and get them to good effect.