.My soul is thirsty of God, for the living God;When I will come, and will present me before God?Psalm 42: 2. All we present ourselves, in one or another way, before God; either be let us invoke him or is that not. As you want it to be, we are always in your presence; for better or worse. However, in the invocation, there is a valid way and another invalid; i.e. a wrong and without value and another successful and effective. For assistance, try visiting Kaiser Family Foundation.

The difference, in the invocation to God, the person enters the name of who we do it, and in this case, correct, is the King of the Jews. Don’t think, one who invokes God, which will be heard but complies with the requirement to do so in the name of the King of Israel. There are billions of people who invoke God without using the name of who is the resurrection and the life and in this way they despise him who shed his blood for us. Invoking God in the name of the lamb without blemish and without blemish is to ensure receipt of our request and if the same is noble, its achievement. In recent months, Apple Twitter has been very successful. The metaphor that the psalmist of the Word uses sed; speaks of parallelism that exists, between the need – for God – who has our soul, in comparison with which has our body of water. Thirst and hunger for God, is longing constantly, every day and at all times, the presence of our God; because he always being on our side, it gives us the guarantee of walk under their precepts in all circumstances and assures us of his complacency.

The living God is the actual conceptualization of God’s constant presence in our lives. It is very important to do this patent in all instances because that gives us harmony with our environment and gives us the empathy that we need for our interrelation with humanity. Conceptualize a circumstantial or capricious God not for anyone, because walking outside is to break our harmony with our environment; It is again difficult relations with others; It is to hinder the will of God, it is become unhappy. Nobody in their right mind, would be out of the grace of God, but There are who, in spite of this, reneging on its presence and make it pass into the background or disappear it. The times in which we live are very special because contingencies, daily presented to us, demand us older and better answers that, many times, go beyond our capabilities. It is, in this instance, in which the thirst and hunger for God become more eloquent and find us underdogs, of an efficient communication with God, puts us at a disadvantage.The Lord is our salvation and go to him is wise and corresponds to those who want to walk with responsibility for our lives. Let us not be fooled, if we do not invoke God in the name of the ruler of the Kings of the Earth, there will be no response. Original author and source of the article