Italian Drink




Wermuth, noble beverage gentlemen came to us from abroad, many years ago, but did not immediately become popular. Although the history of vermouth has a lot of centuries, Russia has interest in it has appeared only in the Soviet Union, together with the fashion for Italian films. According to connoisseurs of vermouth, it was invented by Hippocrates, who decided to add the usual wine, tarragon and other herbs. But the real creator of this drink is Antonio Benedeto Karrpano, the young Italian. In the city of Turin, where he lived Karrpano, grown soft and tender grape, and nearby, on the slopes of the Alps – aromatic plants. This combination seemed Antonio very successful, and he successfully launched production of new wine. So there was vermouth and his recipe has not changed much since that time. Of course, every well-known firm has its secret preparation of wormwood wine.

But all varieties and brands have common components. Firstly, this white wine – or rather, a mixture of several wines from different regions. Second, the herbs of different origins: chamomile, drevyasil, mint, oregano, Diagel, yarrow, black elderberry, nutmeg. All this makes vermouth sweet and bitter at the same time. Depending on the strength and taste of wormwood wine can be of several types: pink (10-15% sugar), Russia (15%), white (same as Russia, but much milder), dry (4%), and bitter (entirely without sugar). In addition, perhaps an Italian vermouth (sweet drink red or golden) or French (also gold, but very dry to the taste). If you want to choose a quality drink, pay attention to Labels vermouth.

In respect of this wine works simple rule: the more well-known brands, the better the contents of the bottle. One of the most popular manufacturers in the world – Cinzano. It was invented by an Italian family, back in 1757. C this time the drink keeps the best positions in the ranking of vermouth. Not less known wormwood wine sold under the brand name Martini. The precise components of vermouth know a few specialists and the chief judge. Others factory workers known ingredients only by number. Perhaps that is why it is very difficult to fake martini, but the originals sold millions of bottles each year. Among French vermouth popular brand Dolen, which produces Vermouth Chambery and Shamberizetta (based on the alpine strawberry). The original drink is manufactured by Lille, it manages to produce floral and mint vermouth. Another interesting development – a wine brand Knoyle Prat. In 1813, Frenchman Knoyle invented a new recipe vermouth, which was used in cooking. Thermal treatment, he does not lose its flavor, and gives the dish a completely different taste. Alcohol evaporates completely, but a bouquet of smells vermouth remains. Knoyle Prat particularly successfully used in restaurants for cooking meat and fish, but can be used in pure form. Any brand of vermouth ideal for a cocktail in the world There are more than 500 recipes with this drink. He is equally good diluted with ice or in combination with other components. The only rule that must be taken into account – vermouth never drink with a meal, just as an aperitif or . Follow this advice and you will feel all the aromas and flavors of vermouth.