Elimination Check




At the same time Get to the car ramp-down of at least 420 m, and then proceed to the measurement of control fuel consumption. For more information see foursquare. This rate is determined at the races a car moving at a constant speed of 80 km / h on a dry flat stretch of road with asphalt length of 3-5 km. In this case the fuel is introduced into the carburetor of a specially installed on the car-dimensional tank. Fuel consumption is measured when the car races in two opposite directions after fully established normal thermal conditions of the engine. If controlling consumption does not exceed 8.8 L/100 km, it is indicative of good condition engine. In this case, the check is not violated if tightness of joints between the fuel tank fuel lines and carburetor, there are no leakage of fuel.

If you check the fuel consumption exceeds that amount, and thus confirms the higher operating costs of fuel, then check first, fully open choke carburetor when retracted to the end of the button managerial Ia it. The reason for the increased flow may be that the carb-rich fuel mixture prepares for a high level of fuel in the float chamber, and also because of that pitch air jets. In this case, set the normal level of fuel and air jets turn out, clean them and blow on zasmoleny. Increased fuel consumption can be due to faults in ignition system – due to improper installation of ignition timing, especially if it is determined later ignition. In this case, check and set the normal ignition timing setup. Fuel consumption also increased by burning or contaminated contact-breaker, and at the wrong gap between them. Need to check the status of contacts, if necessary, clean up and install the necessary clearance.

Except it is necessary, check the spark plug and adjust electrode gap (0.8 0.15 mm). The last thing you can do is to check the thermal gap in the actuator valves. If everything was done did not improve fuel economy, it remains to assume that decreased compression in the engine cylinders due to leaky valves fit, wear or stick piston rings, wear of cylinder-piston group. The elimination of these faults due to partial or complete disassembly of the engine, it is preferable to make the service station.