This type of equipment were designed in Japan, and deployed throughout the world, many brand offer very good teams, that’s why is important that one take into account service, which offers the company which buys him, should be a very good service and that company has a stock of replacement parts very large that when our team has flawsYou will need them as all teams have them, is normal, should be a company that fix the problem on the first visit, we do not accept what many technicians say is that I have no spare parts right now, I have to go back tomorrow or wait for the renovation of the factory to arrive us. It should one visit the company which will acquire the equipment, see their facilities and mainly its store of spare parts. When a team fails the first thing the client requires is to fix it is as soon as possible, because one has to finish work, they can be tenders, competitions, presentations or other emergencies and more things. It is important not to let anyone put hand on your computer that we can lose our investment. I love to talk about the new technology, in future articles we will discuss what’s new in copiers and multifunctional, if this article thinks that it can serve you some known please resend it.