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According to the incidence, it will be necessary to provide some solutions or any other, different cost and/or level of sophistication. Responsibility for the existence of a contingency plan is top management, although when a disaster occurs almost the first thing that is done is to blame. First thing you will need to develop a good contingency plan is considering it a project with priority and recognize the importance which really has, perform an allocation of sufficient and adequate resources, designate a coordinator and ensure the participation of different areas of the Organization: users and owners of the information; computer of different functions; communications; Computer security; information technology audit or specialized experienced consultants. The plan must have the approval of the Directorate-General. Among the purposes which should understand the contingency in computer security plan, must be the forecast of failures of computers, communications, programs and facilities, as well as errors and failures, both people and applications.

As for an alternative work center, several options could be: have another Center prepared to adapt in hours, in different place and with an equivalent configuration. It would be the ideal solution, but due to its cost, only carried out in very critical facilities. Agreement with another entity, giving mutual support. Continue to learn more with: EssexFinancial. There to consider the charge, because if fitting backrest has a high load, it could hardly give support to another facility in the case of emergency. The third option might be to maintain a contract with an entity that offers that service and that has computers for such cases, such as the manufacturers themselves or large service companies. It is necessary to have an inventory of all types of input to the system, including the associated manual processes, and other inventory of the results obtained and who are destined.

The plan must include the security of the people above all else. And when necessary, it should be provided existence of a chain of command, evacuation procedures, points of encounter, etc. Responsibility to contain a list of applications most critical, whereas views of users, as well as the time limit for its resumption: minutes, hours, or days, and under what circumstances and on what dates. It is necessary to set priorities. It should contain lists of files, databases, and resources in general that are critical, as well as criteria that elsewhere and where copies are retained. It should be copy of the libraries of the programs (version object and source) and include the control language and, especially, the need for creating libraries, recoveries and tipping of backrest. Documentation must be complete, comprehensive, understandable by people outside the team who prepared it and rigorously updated. The plan should include addresses and location of several key people and their substitutes mode. In a preferential site should include phones from firefighters, police, security companies, insurance companies, companies (water, electricity), medical supplies and hospital/ambulance, civil protection, suppliers of equipment and packages and few may be of interest in those delicate moments.